I’m an Esprit member yay!

I decided that I needed a black bag for work. Simply because my black Kate Spade bag is too big for work and that’s the only black bag I have.

I have this other light brown one which I bought from Mphosis that is also quite bulky and a white one from Esprit which is turning grey literally. And my burberry bag cannot match my printed and floral dresses.


I found this at trusty Esprit. It’s such a lightweight, compact and soft bag! It’s half suede and half leather, with very convenient long handles. Love it to bits!

Esprit always has simple and classic designs that are not too flashy and exudes minimalistic chicness.


And i got this wallet too, finally found a wallet that has more compartments than my 8 year old LV wallet hahaha.

And yes, plus another wallet for my mum, I managed to get the membership!  It’s not lifetime though. Need to spend another 350 within the year to get it renewed.

I think it shouldn’t be a problem 😉


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