It had been a rather reflective week.. After I started reading this.


I hope that this will mark the end of the tumultuous ups and downs of my spiritual walk. Really. I’m sick and tired of my current walk. I’m basically a christian on Sundays (if I go service that is) and then behaving like a non Christian on weekdays. There are times I just wanna give up altogether and just not attend church at all. I don’t like doing things half heartedly to just get by.

I don’t wanna give reasons like Oh i am busy with my 2 kids.. Oh I’m still hurt by past incident.. Oh I’m not tithing so i don’t think i should even attend. I see so many of my church friends in worser situations and yet they still put God first!

During these few days while reading the above book which I bought on Google Play, the picture that you see in the 4 spiritual laws, where jesus is on the throne of my life and every other commitment being neatly arranged in a circle came to my mind. And i thought how nice it would be if my commitments are as nicely arranged.

I hope to be able to work towards that.. I really wish I’m a strong Christian who is firm and guided by the correct principles.

Well let’s see. I know I’m just rambling.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. happyhealthyholyhome says:

    I’m so glad I found you here! I was searching for “paleo Singapore” and found your site – but it’s also really nice to see that you are interested in Christianity as well! I’ll be following your site, so maybe we can encourage each other some on how to nourish our bodies and our souls! 😉

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Hi there! I’ve just followed you too 🙂 If you are on skype, pls do add me – wendylimwendy!

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