New phase in career

More than a month had passed since I started work as a legal administrative assistant cum personal assistant at my new company DaVita. This company is very different from the previous giant law firm I was in, in terms of size and systems. But perhaps the biggest difference is the job scope.

Now, I do a lot of calendaring – arranging of conference calls and meetings with colleagues and external parties from all over the world. I manage all travel arrangements for my VP and also a couple other directors.  I keep track of all legal expenses and assist with budget forecasts *not my favourite*. I am also receptionist together with another colleague in my office. I also help out at all corporate events.

The first event jus happened a few days ago, at the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge run.


I couldn’t run due to my back injury so I waited for the runners at the finish line instead.


These were really tempting.. They were even making naan on the spot!


The flyer looking very majestic.


I guess this was where they present the medals to the top few runners.


It was a nice breezy evening and it even rained a bit towards the finish of the run. The crowd control at the finish area was really bad. The runners all got jammed up at the area where they collect their finisher tee and bag. And there were too many runners and too narrow paths!

And after the run a few of us proceeded to Cafe Iguana at Riverside Point for a good dinner.

It was good indeed.


The ambience was loud and feisty,  with lots of international customers enjoying the food. We were real famished after the exercise so we ordered quite a lot of food – most I couldn’t pronounce haha. I think there were calamari, tacos,  nachos, jalapeño poppers, fajitas and we shared a jug of frozen lime margarita.

The lighting was really bad in there so I didn’t take food pictures. But the food was tasty and fresh – everyone was tucking in with gusto. The waiters (young chaps) are also very friendly and patient with us, recommending the signatures and explaining to us what they are. Super thumbs up.

Price wise – on the high side. Main dishes were nothing less than $25? 5 of us spent $256.80. That’s $50 per person. But i guess it’s really quite ok as there was alcohol. After 8pm, the prices of the alcohol go up. So if u wanna go check the place out, go early!


Me after dinner. I had to suck my tummy in LOL. so full leh!!

Been really really busy at work so I haven been able to blog daily. After work, it’s rush rush rush back home to take care of the kids.. and other than that, not much free time for anything else. Well I’m not complaining actually – I quite like the variety in the new job and actually do not mind spending more time at it if necessary, but the family at home are waiting for their dinner and kids are waiting for mummy to go back spend time with them. Can feel quite stretched at times 😦

Things are not really ideal now actually. Hoping for better days ahead soon..


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