Watami at Ion Orchard (Food Review)

After shopping at Uniqlo and H&M, I decided to have an early dinner at Watami at the basement 3 of Ion Orchard. I’ve been wanting to try Watami since 2 years ago!

The lady at the entrance was very nice to give me a four seater. Maybe it was just 5 plus and there were quite a few empty tables.

Hubby arrived after some traffic jam and we settled for their $59 set dinner for 2. After taxes, it cost about $70. It consists of about 6 dishes and 2 glasses of drinks. Good for 2 hungry people.


This was my Yuzu Marmalade Soda – very refreshing and nice! Hubby had root beer. Yuzu Marmalade Soda more worth it actually,  cost $4.80 if you order it ala carte, compared to the $2.80 root beer.

Well I had lots of time to calculate and browse through the menu while waiting for hubby. So yes I calculated the cost of the set lunch as well.. its about maybe $8-$10 cheaper if you order the set. But having said that, you have to be hungry if u wanna order the set. 🙂


This was the appetiser,  the name was too complicated.. I call it sashimi carpaccio. Their seasoning complemented the sashimi very well I thought. And they also gave lots of raw onion!! Yum.


Caesar salad with runny egg (onsen egg?). Lovely combination leh!! Once the runny egg was broken & mixed with the cheese bits,  it became a beautiful and healthy salad dressing. And I am so glad they didn’t use normal lettuce!! This is the correct type of lettuce for Caesar salad lor!


French fries was part of the set too. Normal fries.. I took only a couple of them. If only they were truffle fries..


One of the two main dishes. Hubby chose this pepper rice. We gotta mix it (it’s like pepper lunch’s pepper rice lah) – it was okay! We added a bit of soya sauce too.


Tonpeiyaki I think. It’s that pancake with cabbage and pork that some Japanese stalls sell. This was good!! It wasn’t overly starchy as I feared.


Finally our hotpot came after 2 reminders. By then we had finished all the other dishes and just waiting for the hotpot. They obviously forgot about our hotpot coz other tables had their hotpot together with the other dishes. And it’s all raw food – no need much preparation time also. And we were in a rush – so this gave it a few minus points. We had to ask TWICE before it the hotpot came. And when it came, it came without the stove =_=


What a letdown really. They serve really nice food and at first the dishes came really quickly. Guess the restaurant got crowded and the staff got busy and…

One staff said she was going to bring the stove. A minute later, she was strolling leisurely into the kitchen and hubby had to remind her again to get the stove. I mean, maybe she really didn’t forget about us – but her body language said otherwise.

This little misunderstanding can turn a potentially perfect food review to a negative one. See, I didn’t rave about how nice the hotpot was – instead I just complained about their mistake.

Although the service rendered wasn’t fantastic (because of those 1 or 2 staff that appeared very bochap and no customer service orientation at all), I will go back again just for the food and give another chance.


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