Wedding Dinner at Hotel Rendezvous

I really cannot remember much of my own wedding day. But after being married for more than 8 years, it is quite right to put it that the wedding day is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride πŸ™‚

In fact the wedding day in the local context is actually quite a tiring day. the bride wakes up at ungodly hours to start putting on make up.. The sisters arrive early to prepare for sabotaging the brothers during gatecrashing.. then on the other side, the brothers get sabotaged by the sisters when they arrive at bride’s house – put on superman underwear.. drink strange concoction, put on lipstick and kiss the groom.

Then tea ceremony starts when all relatives arrive. Travel to and fro both families before heading to hotel or outdoor photo shoot.

Wedding banquet is another biggie. I shall not elaborate further – i’m getting tired writing. Really, the Singaporean Chinese wedding is one special event that’s exhausting but actually if u look deeper,  it’s a tradition that really ought to be preserved and remembered fondly.

Anyway, I was the mandarin emcee for hubby’s buddy’s wedding. If I recall correctly, I have been emcee for at least 4 weddings. And strangely in mandarin. My mandarin isn’t very fluent to begin with. I’m definitely not DJ standard but I think people understand my spoken Chinese at least lol..


By now I’m quite good at it. I wasn’t even nervous last night. Perhaps my humorous co-emcee Edmund kinda helped lighten the whole atmosphere too πŸ™‚


It was a cosy buffet affair of about 13 tables. The banquet manager May and sales manager Jane were very helpful and good at what they were doing. The whole wedding was smooth and successful in terms of process!


Love the table set up. The reception area was nice too. Didn’t manage to take a pic of that though.


This was the buffet line. The food was quite okay, with chefs topping up the food very promptly. It was quite a complete buffet line, with soups to cold section to hot section to desserts and coffee!


And here’s our table shot. See the groom already all red from the drinking.


The funny shot! Hubby was red too so I ended up driving home.. so stressed leh, haven driven for about 1 month. But thank God it was ok!

Happy for the couple Chin Chi and Sandy. Have a blessed marriage and stay blissful forever!!


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