MOF or M.O.F.? @ Bugis Junction (Food Review)

My dearest hubby was on leave yesterday and he came to meet me for lunch! It was a real busy day at work yesterday and I was glad for that one hour of sweetness.

It was my second time at MOF. First time was also at the same outlet with 2 friends (sadly we aren’t in contact any longer.. drifted apart over time?) many years ago.

As I was running late, I told hubby to order for me so we could start eating right after I reached.


Smoked duck salad for me. Nothing impressive but it was tasty. No complaints!


Hubby had carbonara pasta which smelled REALLY DAMN GOOD. I was so tempted to take a bite but I didn’t la lol.



Somehow these pics didn’t come out nice regardless of the angle! But they were tasty and sinful – buffalo wings.


This was the best – banana fritters with chocolate and apple caramel gelato. The sourish apple caramel gelato complemented the banana fritters so well! And this cost less than $10!


Very worth it. Great for sharing 🙂

It was a great lunch; would be better if it was longer though :S

And after lunch hubby went to pick up my new bag that his colleague bought for me from Europe!


I need a black classic clutch for occasions and so I decided to get this longchamp leather clutch that practically goes well with any outfit. Of coz i would have wanted that gorgeous LV clutch but it costs like 3 to 4 times more. Oh Well. This design actually isn’t a love at first sight but I know longchamp will last a long time and the more I look at it the more I like it! I’ve had a longchamp calf leather work bag before and it lasted me for at least 4 to 5 years! 

I’m writing this post now from Starbucks while waiting for my girl to finish her tuition.


Man their hot chocolate is really very good.

I haven had time nor energy to blog daily (even though I’ve been dying to do so) coz this new job is really taking up a lot of my focus and time. But i do enjoy the work (even though it’s really quite hectic and stressful compared to previous job) and I could have worked till late everyday if not for my kids! Shrugs.

Will update again soon on the wedding I’m attending tonight! Stay with me people!


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