Chong Qing Grilled Fish at Liang Seah Street (Bugis) (Food Review)

This place has been on my To-Try list ever since Hui Mee tried it and said was nice a few months back. So yesterday I seized the chance and dragged hubby along with me.

My new workplace is now at Beach Road, just a stone’s throw away from Liang Seah Street. Hubby picked me up at 615pm and we managed to find a parking lot right opposite Chong Qing Grilled Fish by 630pm.


The first impression wasn’t too good though. I wanted a table inside, so the lady asked me to wait while they arranged. But the restaurant looked so empty – arrange simi leh? After a minute of waiting, hubby came to join me (after tearing his parking coupon) and I asked the lady again if we could go in. The lady (who looked sleepy and listless) asked the guy again if we could go in.  The guy then said ‘ya just come in sit anywhere’.

I went =_=… so can sit anywhere inside la?!?! Then why ask us to wait leh?!?!

Well anyway we decided to sit outside la eventually. Bleah.


The guy on the wall looks extremely greasy and warm. Besides he isn’t that good looking. Shrugs. Maybe he’s there to make the fish look better.

Oops ser-kar-lee he’s the boss.


Hubby has been hayday-ing and climbing up the levels quickly! Reaching my level le.. and my current busyness in the new workplace isn’t helping very much lol. I got no time even to check my WhatsApp messages!


Our big cups of green tea and lime juice. Which is good coz our fish is one spicy dish! I think they cost about $2 plus per drink.


So many things I wanna try at Liang Seah!


Desserts aplenty.


And the magnificent looking sea bass came.  We choose the “一品香辣” flavour, 微辣 level (mildly spicy level). I wanted the 麻辣 flavour at first but hubby rejected it straight away haha.


This cost $30, medium size. There’s no small size by the way. Medium size is the smallest.


U can choose 3 ingredients to be placed inside this dish. We chose needle mushrooms, lotus roots and cabbage.


Looks spicy eh?? Slurp.


And we were real glad to have chosen this 一品香辣 flavour in mildly spicy level coz it was just nice for us!! It was just slightly numbing but hubby and I were totally comfortable with it. I could even drink the gravy (after sweeping away the oily surface) – it was more like a soup and it was tasty 🙂

The fish was good for the two of us. Very fresh fish it was – flesh was soft and tender, while the skin was slightly charred and crispy – thumbs up!

The addition of lotus roots,  needle mushrooms and cabbage was a good choice too. They also have bean sprouts in it by default.


The remains. Just nice! I had half a bowl of rice to go with it – hubby had one and a half.
I guess the restaurant has redeemed itself by the fantastic food. Was initially pissed off at the bochap attitude of that lady but our tummies were happily filled in the end. Yes I’ll come back again with friends and try their other dishes too!!


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