Thanksgiving Update


Such sweet oranges don’t come by often. I had about 2 whole oranges worth of slices yesterday!

Two weeks have passed by and I’m really excited to report that my back is much better now and I’ve been off painkillers since yesterday! My right back still aches slightly but it’s bearable. I am now still unable to carry baby (in fact i tried this morning and i could immediately feel the painful strain on my muscles), I am pretty much up and about doing everything else at home. Thank God and thank you everyone for your prayers.

And I’m also very thankful that my weight didn’t go up much after 2 weeks of eating rice. It’s 53.8kg today inclusive of uncleared bowels. I’ve been suffering from constipation and bloating ever since eating rice, I don’t remember the last time I did big business in the loo 😦


Taken on Friday at work. It’s dress down on Fridays at my new workplace and I intend to just wear my comfy leggings with a loose top over it. Leggings very good – slims the legs and no need to iron! ^_^

Thankful for everything. Now I just can’t wait to start driving again 🙂


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