Seize the Day

Seize the day! Make full use of your time when you can! Why wait, if something can be done today? Only wait, if it is a better option.


I got the above quote from a fellow blogger Feliza’s facebook status. And how true it is – you seriously never know what is gonna happen to you the next minute – so just do what you really really want while you still can!

Why am I so reflective leh?

BECAUSE my fall had put everything off whack. Suddenly the things I used to do, I cannot do anymore.

The main duty which I do after office hours, taking care of baby, has been transferred to mum and hubby as I cannot carry her for the next month or two. Even during work, I feel quite inconvenienced as I cannot help others with the physical stuff like carrying files or running errands (although so far none of such has happened yet). And after work, I have to wait for hubby to come pick me up as I am unable to stand in the train or bus for prolonged periods of time. I cannot drive for the time being also.

Our Gold Coast trip to the theme parks has to be postponed to probably next year due to my back; and I dunno when I will ever feel up to it for trips nearby even.

And even tomorrow, there’s supposed to be a food review – I cannot go too – coz I think my back won’t be able to take it.

I feel so useless, I told Elsa. And the thing is I dunno when I will fully recover. It’s a question mark until I see the spine specialist (also dunno when, to be confirmed). So I’m just living by the day now, the only consolation being my back seems to get a wee bit better day by day.

One good thing that has come out of this – Am is starting to like hubby even more now since he has taken over the carrying at night after dinner. She literally sprawls on him while watching TV and that’s so sweet. I actually feel a bit jealous!

Pray for me that I’ll recover reallllllyyyyy soon!!


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