It had been a rather reflective week.. After I started reading this.


I hope that this will mark the end of the tumultuous ups and downs of my spiritual walk. Really. I’m sick and tired of my current walk. I’m basically a christian on Sundays (if I go service that is) and then behaving like a non Christian on weekdays. There are times I just wanna give up altogether and just not attend church at all. I don’t like doing things half heartedly to just get by.

I don’t wanna give reasons like Oh i am busy with my 2 kids.. Oh I’m still hurt by past incident.. Oh I’m not tithing so i don’t think i should even attend. I see so many of my church friends in worser situations and yet they still put God first!

During these few days while reading the above book which I bought on Google Play, the picture that you see in the 4 spiritual laws, where jesus is on the throne of my life and every other commitment being neatly arranged in a circle came to my mind. And i thought how nice it would be if my commitments are as nicely arranged.

I hope to be able to work towards that.. I really wish I’m a strong Christian who is firm and guided by the correct principles.

Well let’s see. I know I’m just rambling.


New phase in career

More than a month had passed since I started work as a legal administrative assistant cum personal assistant at my new company DaVita. This company is very different from the previous giant law firm I was in, in terms of size and systems. But perhaps the biggest difference is the job scope.

Now, I do a lot of calendaring – arranging of conference calls and meetings with colleagues and external parties from all over the world. I manage all travel arrangements for my VP and also a couple other directors.  I keep track of all legal expenses and assist with budget forecasts *not my favourite*. I am also receptionist together with another colleague in my office. I also help out at all corporate events.

The first event jus happened a few days ago, at the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge run.


I couldn’t run due to my back injury so I waited for the runners at the finish line instead.


These were really tempting.. They were even making naan on the spot!


The flyer looking very majestic.


I guess this was where they present the medals to the top few runners.


It was a nice breezy evening and it even rained a bit towards the finish of the run. The crowd control at the finish area was really bad. The runners all got jammed up at the area where they collect their finisher tee and bag. And there were too many runners and too narrow paths!

And after the run a few of us proceeded to Cafe Iguana at Riverside Point for a good dinner.

It was good indeed.


The ambience was loud and feisty,  with lots of international customers enjoying the food. We were real famished after the exercise so we ordered quite a lot of food – most I couldn’t pronounce haha. I think there were calamari, tacos,  nachos, jalapeΓ±o poppers, fajitas and we shared a jug of frozen lime margarita.

The lighting was really bad in there so I didn’t take food pictures. But the food was tasty and fresh – everyone was tucking in with gusto. The waiters (young chaps) are also very friendly and patient with us, recommending the signatures and explaining to us what they are. Super thumbs up.

Price wise – on the high side. Main dishes were nothing less than $25? 5 of us spent $256.80. That’s $50 per person. But i guess it’s really quite ok as there was alcohol. After 8pm, the prices of the alcohol go up. So if u wanna go check the place out, go early!


Me after dinner. I had to suck my tummy in LOL. so full leh!!

Been really really busy at work so I haven been able to blog daily. After work, it’s rush rush rush back home to take care of the kids.. and other than that, not much free time for anything else. Well I’m not complaining actually – I quite like the variety in the new job and actually do not mind spending more time at it if necessary, but the family at home are waiting for their dinner and kids are waiting for mummy to go back spend time with them. Can feel quite stretched at times 😦

Things are not really ideal now actually. Hoping for better days ahead soon..

Watami at Ion Orchard (Food Review)

After shopping at Uniqlo and H&M, I decided to have an early dinner at Watami at the basement 3 of Ion Orchard. I’ve been wanting to try Watami since 2 years ago!

The lady at the entrance was very nice to give me a four seater. Maybe it was just 5 plus and there were quite a few empty tables.

Hubby arrived after some traffic jam and we settled for their $59 set dinner for 2. After taxes, it cost about $70. It consists of about 6 dishes and 2 glasses of drinks. Good for 2 hungry people.


This was my Yuzu Marmalade Soda – very refreshing and nice! Hubby had root beer. Yuzu Marmalade Soda more worth it actually,Β  cost $4.80 if you order it ala carte, compared to the $2.80 root beer.

Well I had lots of time to calculate and browse through the menu while waiting for hubby. So yes I calculated the cost of the set lunch as well.. its about maybe $8-$10 cheaper if you order the set. But having said that, you have to be hungry if u wanna order the set. πŸ™‚


This was the appetiser,Β  the name was too complicated.. I call it sashimi carpaccio. Their seasoning complemented the sashimi very well I thought. And they also gave lots of raw onion!! Yum.


Caesar salad with runny egg (onsen egg?). Lovely combination leh!! Once the runny egg was broken & mixed with the cheese bits,Β  it became a beautiful and healthy salad dressing. And I am so glad they didn’t use normal lettuce!! This is the correct type of lettuce for Caesar salad lor!


French fries was part of the set too. Normal fries.. I took only a couple of them. If only they were truffle fries..


One of the two main dishes. Hubby chose this pepper rice. We gotta mix it (it’s like pepper lunch’s pepper rice lah) – it was okay! We added a bit of soya sauce too.


Tonpeiyaki I think. It’s that pancake with cabbage and pork that some Japanese stalls sell. This was good!! It wasn’t overly starchy as I feared.


Finally our hotpot came after 2 reminders. By then we had finished all the other dishes and just waiting for the hotpot. They obviously forgot about our hotpot coz other tables had their hotpot together with the other dishes. And it’s all raw food – no need much preparation time also. And we were in a rush – so this gave it a few minus points. We had to ask TWICE before it the hotpot came. And when it came, it came without the stove =_=


What a letdown really. They serve really nice food and at first the dishes came really quickly. Guess the restaurant got crowded and the staff got busy and…

One staff said she was going to bring the stove. A minute later, she was strolling leisurely into the kitchen and hubby had to remind her again to get the stove. I mean, maybe she really didn’t forget about us – but her body language said otherwise.

This little misunderstanding can turn a potentially perfect food review to a negative one. See, I didn’t rave about how nice the hotpot was – instead I just complained about their mistake.

Although the service rendered wasn’t fantastic (because of those 1 or 2 staff that appeared very bochap and no customer service orientation at all), I will go back again just for the food and give another chance.

Parklane chicken rice, wanton mee and curry chicken noodles (Food Review)

This stall has been around for more than 20 years, according to hubby and his friends who used to patronise this stall when they were studying in Shatec. 

Yes, when Shatec was still at Dhoby Ghaut.

And so it was my first time there last week. Lol.

You will see the stall once u enter the main entrance of Parklane,  on your immediate left. Their menu is astoundingly huge,  from chicken rice to zhichar to curry chicken Yong tau Foo.

They even have homemade barley!


Check out the cute little cup of coke.  I had homemade chrysanthemum drink!


I ordered a plate of chicken gizzards.  Totally in love with them.


Hubby’s wanton mee. They ate this all the time during their Shatec days. Hubby gave me a fried wanton to try.

Super crispy and addictive! Doesn’t lose to other fried wanton noodles at all.


This is the type of wanton noodles I like. The other kind that has sweet sauce, wetter kind – I don’t like.


Their roast chicken was good too. I think hubby missed the food – we ordered quite a lot hor haha.


My curry Yong tau Foo!  Not too spicy but still very flavourful and old school taste.


This place reminds me of Isle cafe at cuppage plaza. Fantastic hawker fare at wonderful prices. All these cost $21. Ok leh!

And the uncle serving us truly has a esfj personality. He is very patient with us, good memory, and very sincere. I tell u, his service surpasses those in fine dining restaurants! 

Check it out when you are in that area ya?

Lost it

I’m already 34 and I realize that I’m still very emo.

Right after I posted on my Facebook page about being positive in life, something made me upset and I lost my temper. I was tired, back achy, and no one was helping me with the girls.

I can only blame myself isn’t it. Ain’t anyone else’s fault. Life just gets shitty sometimes and u just gotta suck it up and….

Life goes on. I shall not rant any longer in this wrong state of mind. I’ll go sleep. In my wet hair.

Wedding Dinner at Hotel Rendezvous

I really cannot remember much of my own wedding day. But after being married for more than 8 years, it is quite right to put it that the wedding day is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride πŸ™‚

In fact the wedding day in the local context is actually quite a tiring day. the bride wakes up at ungodly hours to start putting on make up.. The sisters arrive early to prepare for sabotaging the brothers during gatecrashing.. then on the other side, the brothers get sabotaged by the sisters when they arrive at bride’s house – put on superman underwear.. drink strange concoction, put on lipstick and kiss the groom.

Then tea ceremony starts when all relatives arrive. Travel to and fro both families before heading to hotel or outdoor photo shoot.

Wedding banquet is another biggie. I shall not elaborate further – i’m getting tired writing. Really, the Singaporean Chinese wedding is one special event that’s exhausting but actually if u look deeper,  it’s a tradition that really ought to be preserved and remembered fondly.

Anyway, I was the mandarin emcee for hubby’s buddy’s wedding. If I recall correctly, I have been emcee for at least 4 weddings. And strangely in mandarin. My mandarin isn’t very fluent to begin with. I’m definitely not DJ standard but I think people understand my spoken Chinese at least lol..


By now I’m quite good at it. I wasn’t even nervous last night. Perhaps my humorous co-emcee Edmund kinda helped lighten the whole atmosphere too πŸ™‚


It was a cosy buffet affair of about 13 tables. The banquet manager May and sales manager Jane were very helpful and good at what they were doing. The whole wedding was smooth and successful in terms of process!


Love the table set up. The reception area was nice too. Didn’t manage to take a pic of that though.


This was the buffet line. The food was quite okay, with chefs topping up the food very promptly. It was quite a complete buffet line, with soups to cold section to hot section to desserts and coffee!


And here’s our table shot. See the groom already all red from the drinking.


The funny shot! Hubby was red too so I ended up driving home.. so stressed leh, haven driven for about 1 month. But thank God it was ok!

Happy for the couple Chin Chi and Sandy. Have a blessed marriage and stay blissful forever!!

MOF or M.O.F.? @ Bugis Junction (Food Review)

My dearest hubby was on leave yesterday and he came to meet me for lunch! It was a real busy day at work yesterday and I was glad for that one hour of sweetness.

It was my second time at MOF. First time was also at the same outlet with 2 friends (sadly we aren’t in contact any longer.. drifted apart over time?) many years ago.

As I was running late, I told hubby to order for me so we could start eating right after I reached.


Smoked duck salad for me. Nothing impressive but it was tasty. No complaints!


Hubby had carbonara pasta which smelled REALLY DAMN GOOD. I was so tempted to take a bite but I didn’t la lol.



Somehow these pics didn’t come out nice regardless of the angle! But they were tasty and sinful – buffalo wings.


This was the best – banana fritters with chocolate and apple caramel gelato. The sourish apple caramel gelato complemented the banana fritters so well! And this cost less than $10!


Very worth it. Great for sharing πŸ™‚

It was a great lunch; would be better if it was longer though :S

And after lunch hubby went to pick up my new bag that his colleague bought for me from Europe!


I need a black classic clutch for occasions and so I decided to get this longchamp leather clutch that practically goes well with any outfit. Of coz i would have wanted that gorgeous LV clutch but it costs like 3 to 4 times more. Oh Well. This design actually isn’t a love at first sight but I know longchamp will last a long time and the more I look at it the more I like it! I’ve had a longchamp calf leather work bag before and it lasted me for at least 4 to 5 years! 

I’m writing this post now from Starbucks while waiting for my girl to finish her tuition.


Man their hot chocolate is really very good.

I haven had time nor energy to blog daily (even though I’ve been dying to do so) coz this new job is really taking up a lot of my focus and time. But i do enjoy the work (even though it’s really quite hectic and stressful compared to previous job) and I could have worked till late everyday if not for my kids! Shrugs.

Will update again soon on the wedding I’m attending tonight! Stay with me people!