Gravity (Movie by George Cloony & Sandra Bullock) – SPOILER ALERT

I watched this movie a few weeks back with hubby, in our bedroom, on the iPad.

It was rather uncomfortable – even though we were propped up nicely with pillows and all.

I don’t really do movie reviews but this movie had really caught my attention and may I add, my very breath as well.

From the start of the movie, Ryan (Sandra Bullock) was already having an insufficient level of oxygen and I felt so damn much for her for dunno what reason. I realised that I was unconsciously breathing very thinly, as though I myself was experiencing a lack of oxygen in my tank as well. =_=

Ya so I felt slightly dizzy during the course of the movie coz I wasn’t taking in too much air. LOL.

I am serious ok.

And the other thing that struck me was Sandra Bullock’s toned and svelte body. MAN I can imagine the number of hours she put in the gym before attaining such a figure. It was a joy to watch her in Gravity – even though most of the scenes were digitally remade, it looked so realistic.

Her partnership with George Clooney in this move was impeccably done too – her dependence on Kowalski (George Clooney’s character name) in the beginning, her ‘forced-to’ toughness when Kowalski left her, her ‘awakening’ to another presence bigger than herself (presumably God) through visions and dreams, her sheer desperation to just get out of space and back to good old earth.

Her experience is something I will never want myself to go through. hahaa.

And leaving you a picture of the beautiful co-stars.


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