As I grow older, the fragility of life seems to get more and more real. Missing plane. Father and son jumped off the flat one after the other. Lady got stabbed overseas.

And the fact that I’m on medical leave now probably triggered this whole emotional post πŸ™‚

I used to think that the best way to spend my life is to do missionary work where everyone gets to know about God through me. I wanted to work in my church and I wanted to just spend every minute doing stuff that count for eternity. Logically that’s the way to spend my life most meaningfully and purposefully.

But i guess God has showed me enough evidence that i am not missionary material. Lol. I spent half my life trying to read bible, pray, evangelise and tithe regularly and now I’m still not able to achieve it!

So, I’m gonna stop trying too hard coz i always get downcast, indulge in guilt and selfblame whenever I fail (all the time). Instead, I shall live a life of joy as God has graciously intended me to live and continue to shine for Him in whatever i’m doing.

I find joy in encouraging friends to work hard on their weight loss journey.Β  I find joy in writing food reviews and seeing strangers read them. I find joy in spending time with my hubby, girls and immediate family. I find joy in working at my new company and bringing smiles to the people there!

So I guess these things are what God has blessed me with and what He wants me to flourish in, and bless others with.

Life is short. Don’t spend your life doing what you dislike!


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