Beautiful wedding

Just attended a wedding yesterday at Botanic Gardens’ Au Jardin restaurant owned by Les Amis. It was the last wedding coz the restaurant is not continuing the lease and will stop operations end of this month.


The restaurant was a lovely colonial house surrounded by trees.


It was a cosy group of about 7 tables.


And very personalised.


Fine dining french style. Exquisite menu.


And the bride prepared a note for each and every guest – she must have spent a lot of time on this 🙂 but I think it’s absolutely worth it coz it’s so sweet!


The appetiser was angel hair pasta with mud crab. I love the floral delicate feel of the presentation 🙂


The photography was damn cool also. U get your pics STRAIGHT AWAY!


The knife was very clean, void of any stain. I remember the days at Restaurant Teatro (was in Esplanade, now no more) where we stayed back after operation hours to wipe all the wine glasses, knives and forks. Those were fun times where everyone worked in a team!


I thoroughly enjoyed my striploin done medium.


Perfect isn’t it!! Oh and the spinach side salad drenched in truffle reduction was spectacular.



Service was very prompt and professional.  The manager Bernard is one humorous guy who chats with the guests and his staff are quick and polite. I noticed that all of the staff are guys! Haha.

Lovely way to spend my Saturday 🙂


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