I love my new body!

As you would have known, I have lost 10 kg within 5 months. Previously out of shape and flabby, I am now seeing a more toned and bony Wendy.

And let me tell you this: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW BODY at 53kg.


I can feel my hip bones. I can see my square shoulders. I no longer feel my inner thighs slapping against each other. Life gets a whole chunk better when you look good. And the better news is, I will be looking this good or even better in time to come. 🙂

I am also very excited about my new job too. It has been the 4th day and so far so good. This job needs a bit of getting used to coz it requires lots of liaising and communicating with many people, very different from the previous one where I just wait for emails to come in and the only thing I communicate with is the database. It’s a bit scary you know, but life is an adventure and every little experience is a good learning moment 🙂

Most important thing is to stay healthy and happy to enjoy every moment, isnt it? 🙂


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