Foodpanda Food Delivery Service

And so it poured and poured and poured on Sunday. The whole family was very happy with the cool weather!

And very very lazy to head outside for dinner. So we decided to do delivery, from Foodpanda!

I know of this service some time ago, but never really ordered from it. It’s actually a website offering food delivery service from MANY MANY restaurants. It’s like a consolidation of food delivery services!

I got into Foodpanda website, and this screen appears – BIG and CLEAR:


Easy enough – enter your postal code and click “Find food now!”. I love it, very Singaporean – straight to the point and no need to wait or register first.


And I was immediately brought to a comprehensive list of restaurants that delivers to where I stay.. There are all sorts of cuisines – ranging from Chinese to Indian to Japanese to Italian. Amazing.


The obvious choice was Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice – coz they sell both chicken rice and tze char dishes! My girl had been craving for hor fun haha.


As you choose the dishes, there will be this column on the right of the screen showing all the dishes that I’ve ordered. I can even click the small plus and minus signs to add some more, or take it away should I change my mind.


THEN once you are done ordering, you register. Super simple and chop chop registration!


And then you choose payment option – The ‘Cash On Delivery’ option was super cool – you do the calculation and then key in the money change needed wahhaaha.


Foodpanda is so detailed and user-friendly – I felt happy and well-cared for during the entire order. πŸ™‚


Ooh they got mobile phone app too. I was looking thru the website – they deliver in places like City Hall too – can order lunch if you wanna stay in office!


I went to check on my order. They keep a record of my orders, so I can choose to reorder the same thing the next time I feel like having chicken rice. The other website i know that does this is, they keep records of all my previous purchases too. COOL.


In less than 10 minutes, I received a SMS confirmation from Foodpanda.


And by 630pm, the door bell rang. Very punctual leh! I am impressed.


I ordered half a roast chicken – doesnt it look YUM? I ought to put a message in my orderΒ to them next time that I WANT THE CHICKEN BACKSIDE..


Chicken gizzards – another YUM side dish!


Hor fun that cost $7.80, but the portion was humongous and it fed both my mum and my girl. It tasted very good too!


I ordered a small portion of this sambal lady’s fingers – the portion was very respectable and it was tasty – filled with lots of my beloved onions πŸ™‚


And of coz, the chicken rice came with LOTS OF cucumber slices, coriander, chilli sauce, dark soya sauce and EVEN ginger sauce. It was perfect. We couldnt finish the chicken, lady’s fingers and 1 packet of fragrant rice, so it became my mum’s dinner just now πŸ™‚

I think Foodpanda is a damn fantastic alternative for delivery of food OTHER THAN fast food. You are seriously spoilt for choice at Foodpanda – forget about unhealthy junk food! I already know what I wanna order next already – Nihon Mura!

Let me know via norttigurl@gmail.comΒ if you want to try this service – I got 10 free delivery vouchers up for grabs – first come first serve!


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