What’s your passion?


When I saw this image on Pinterest, it got my blood racing. 

No my passion isn’t collecting such images. Lol. Rather, I believe I have gotten an inkling of what I think is my passion.

I want to write. I want to communicate with people from all over. I want to provide valuable information on stuff. I want to be able to bless people by telling them what’s good for them. I want to be able to serve others so they can improve in some way or another.


And because I love blessing and serving others through my writings, I’ve got the confidence that it’s gonna do well 🙂

As narcissistic as it sounds, I can read my posts over and over again and not get tired. I can spend all day thinking about what to write, how to write it, and how to improve on my posts.

I’ll be doing more reviews on restaurants, and food-related products and services on this blog so please stay tuned. Previously I was writing a lot on my Paleo diet but since now that I have started the Facebook page, I’ll post my daily updates there instead (so pls follow that Page!!) This blog will focus more on reviews and my usual rantings and whinings 🙂

My Facebook page has gotten 96 followers as of today and I’m really excited about motivating people on weight loss and improving health. My friends Belle and Ju have embarked on Paleo and they are starting to see results! As for me, I’ve lost more than 10kg since last November, and I’m excited to see how lean and light I can become on Paleo, while remaining energetic and healthy!

So, coming back to this blog – Should u want me to talk about your restaurants, products or services, feel free to drop me an email at norttigurl@gmail.com ya? It’ll truly be my pleasure to write about it!


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