Of friends and precious moments

It has been a good three years. Yesterday was my last day at this office – to me, I didn’t feel really sad or wistful coz I know we will all be in touch somehow.


Nolene (top left) has been my lovely neighbour for the past one year ever since we moved to MBFC. She’s literally our mother hen, making sure everyone has food to eat, has snacks to munch on and everyone’s taken care of. Always ready to share the best deals online too haha. She stays in during lunch as well, like me! It has been a blessing to sit with her and Yvonne.

Yvonne (on my left in the group pic of 4) is probably the joker in our group. She was the one who recommended me the personal driver in Phuket; told me where to go and what to eat. Hopefully we will become neighbours if I successfully move to Hougang haha 🙂

Hui Mee (bottom right) has been my buddy and have seen my worst among the few of us. Truth be told, I can be very quiet at work, often lost in thoughts and hence appearing quite aloof and unfriendly. The nature of the job also doesn’t give room for much interaction hence I just become very inward over time. Hui Mee was able to tahan all the different sides of me and I’ve always been grateful.

Well I’m glad I’m moving on to a position where I get to interact a lot. Remembering the good times I had when I worked in restaurants and Singtel, I think interactive jobs will make me a happier Wendy!


Hui Mee RARELY grins like that… so this is a fantastic pic showing all 3 of us baring all our pearlie whites (Hui Mee pls grin more, its nice!). And Yanxi who had just rejoined the department, had absolutely no problems blending in given her chin chai and unassuming nature. And I’ll be in touch with her more than the rest coz we are both bloggers (or should I say writers wahaha) and will probably attend events and reviews with her whenever there is an opportunity!

The other colleague whom I managed to snap a pic with yesterday. Jolie was in my department before and has also tahan-ed my mood swings when I was pregnant. She has this positive vibe that brightens up anyone’s day. Even though she has moved on to another department in the same firm, the occasional lunches and giggly chats with her always never fail to cheer me up.

If I feel any tinge of regret, it will be because I regretted not staying so I could repay kindness for kindness to all you sweet colleagues, including also my manager, director, & also many other secretaries eho are now on my Facebook. The stint here at WP had been a memorable one. I wish you all the bestest in life!

And yes we will be in touch!!


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