Weekday Lunch at Dôme UOB Plaza 1

My first time here. Probably office workers in CBD have frequented this place until until very sian liao!


I got a nice table at the end of the restaurant immediately. It was pretty crowded!

Ah how i missed wearing uniforms to work..


This was what all 3 of us ordered. Yes all 3 of us are on the PALEO DIET *wink wink*


With Belle the BFF!!!! Ju took this for us 🙂 Belle and I know each other since 2000. 14 years! We knew each other when we were working at Outback Steakhouse and it was there she met her hubby too. Outback Steakhouse was my very first F&B workplace. Stayed there for a year plus, working part time while I studied in Temasek Polytechnic. Time flies.. now we are mummies!


This salad was quite yummy coz the sauce was savoury and slightly tangy. Greens were crunchy and fresh, however I think they gave too little mushrooms and the beef was a bit tough. Probably they did it to  nearly well-done, thats why.


We also shared this not-so-Paleo side dish – spicy wings! There were 6 pieces in all, accompanied with a side salad.


Very nice leh!! I like these better than KFC’s wings!

I do like the restaurant coz it has a high ceiling 😛 Think it will look pretty nice at night..but they are closed at 8pm.. WHY? Won’t there be a night crowd since Boat Quay is just nearby? Hmm…

Anyway this beef salad did not manage to keep me full until dinner time. I just had some greek honey yogurt. :S


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