Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 @ Sin Ming (Food Review)

Last Sunday the family wanted to just settle dinner at Thomson Plaza. Hubby drove out, saw the QUEUE snake at Thomson Plaza, then decided to go somewhere else. Seriously, food options at Sin Ming area for families with available parking are very very bad.

We were driving towards the Sin Ming estate and I said “Why not try that zhi char place inside?”. We know of this place but never ventured in coz initially we thought it sells only vegetarian food (it’s situated super near the temples too, so…. ahhaha). Only recently then we knew that it was a zhi char place.

It was about 7pm when we reached. It was so extremely windy that night! Both my girls had to wear their jackets to keep warm. We waited for about 5 minutes for our table. Right after us, the entire restaurant was full and people had to wait already. PHEW.

And while we were waiting for our food, all our hair were damn messy already. Coz the wind KEPT BLOWING. lol.


Prawn Paste chicken. They were okay, but cannot compare to the ones we had at Hooked on Heads!


Vegetable with Egg, Salted Egg and Century Egg. I got to know from FoodieFC (just only) that this is one of their signature dishes. But but but… I think Crystal Jade does this better leh. The vegetables itself not very tender, and they weren’t very generous with their eggs.. 😦


Our half-eaten pork ribs. These were okay, tender and sweet, very suitable for kids 🙂


Assam Seafood Pot $10 (I remember the price coz I was the one who wanted it haha). This was good! Probably the other dishes were non-spicy, so this stood out. The gravy was thick and flavourful which went well with rice (although I didnt eat rice, I was just drinking the gravy off my spoon). Lots of hidden ingredients beneath that gravy too. For a $10 dish, this is quite value for money!


Their belechan chilli – very good! Makes every dish maybe 30% better hahaha.


See, right after us, the other customers had to sit under the moonlight to have their dinner. It was really crowded man. Total bill for the dinner came up to be about $30 – ok la! Get free hairstyle also. See hubby’s new hairstyle in the pic? from the hairstyle you even know the wind direction.

Service wise – the hostess was very eager and obliging, although she appeared quite flustered and lost at times lol. I have to say the crowd was really quite overwhelming. The other staff were extremely busy as well, we had to try a few times to get their attention so we could order our food. But other than that, the food came quite quickly. I will wanna go back one weekend afternoon and have a peaceful lunch and see how it is.

And the windy situation – i am not comfortable eating at windy places where I had to take care of my flying hair, take care of my kids and eat at the same time. The food gets cold quite easily too. This can’t be helped – act of nature. haha.

Next food review will be tomorrow at The Rotisserie (Raffles Place) with Jul and Belle!


5 thoughts on “Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 @ Sin Ming (Food Review)

  1. Royston says:

    Singapore is so hot.. its goody to eat at windy weather for me. I thought two chef is at commonwealth ? this is the 2nd branch or they have shifted to Sin Ming ?

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Hey you’ve got really nice pictures 🙂
      and yes it was super windy when we were there. i wouldn’t mind the windy part IF it was just me and my hubby. but with the kids, the food got cold really quick and they don’t like cold food 😦

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