Do you have any idea how long I have not been out with friends after work?

Do you do you do you do you?

I always tell my younger friends… get married already…go travel and spend some couple time first… then slowly plan for kids.. Because once you have a baby, you need to be prepared to cut out ALL PERSONAL TIME.

So I am very thankful that hubby was able to stay home last night to take care of the girls while I went to lalala with Hui Mee and Yanxi! Our virgin KTV session together leh!

We reached Lucky Chinatown’s KBox at about 630pm and were ushered to our room promptly. Mai Tu Liao!


Haha actually I sang first la.

And while we happily sang away, we took the chance to take pics too!!


I must be singing a tough song, given my strained look LOL. I like Yanxi’s sweeeeet dress!


Wah my two KTV kakis are beauties.


Why I look so motherly here leh.


We managed to take such nice selfies coz we were using Yanxi’s Samsung camera with reversible screen! Cool leh!

There – that’s her camera! MV-900F is the model!


Act cute liao. hahahha. The lighting was really dark in the room!

I’ve heard Yanxi sing before (in her recordings) and this was the first time I heard Hui Mee sing – very good leh, for someone who did not undergo any lessons! And her singing voice is totally different from her talking voice. YAY All 3 of us can sing! And we have decided to have ‘Quarterly Board Meetings’ – meet up and sing once every 3 months! Yanxi has even set up a group chat with this name..


We sang until 10pm and went for our dinner. Yes dinner at 10pm xD Coz we wanna try the Dong Bei cuisine in one of those restaurants along the road! SPICY MALA FOOD, I love.


I am so sad, I forgot to snap a picture of the restaurant entrance.


Yanxi took this shot and i think it’s really nice 🙂


There are SO MANY dishes to choose from in the menu. And prices are very very reasonable! We ordered 4 dishes – 3 spicy!


while waiting. did u realise that all 3 of us were in floral outfits WITH black cardigans? muahaha.

We did plan to wear floral…but the black cardigans was a total coincidence. Guess all 3 of us hate our arms?


Many tables have beer accompanying their dishes – so we followed suit. This is quite a light beer, Hui Mee and I shared this. Yanxi had just a sip to taste. Very good girl.


And the MAIN DISH ARRIVED. 水煮猪肉 hahaha. Basically its a watery (or ‘oily’?) concoction of spicy mala with a type of meat. We could choose from fish, beef or pork. We chose pork and didn’t regret at all. They used the shabu shabu type of thinly sliced pork. It was super yummy. Good thing about this was that it wasn’t too spicy. I could have ordered a second bowl of this and continued eating and not feel spicy!

There was also black fungus, plenty of bean sprouts and spring onions inside too.. all my favourites 🙂


Pig’s ears! Very fresh and crunchy, very unlike those complimentary pig’s ears you get in some steamboat restaurants.


Marinated sea kelp – the only non-spicy dish (but i see some chilli oil on that coriander leaf hmm)… A light dish that complimented the spicy ones well.


Marinated mushrooms – YAY this is my favourite too. Ordered this despite protests from Yanxi who had these mushrooms for breakfast and lunch ahahaha.


We finished everything and the beer was a perfect complement to these dishes. If there was such a thing as reincarnation, I could have been born in Sichuan.

We ended at about 1130pm. Hui Mee grabbed a cab real quickly outside the restaurant. Yanxi and I walked over to Mac to meet her bf Kim (ya she’s attached, sad anot my readers?) and both of them waited with me for hubby to come pick me up :):)

I’m gonna miss both of them. But no, I won’t miss the work! xD


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