I see my SHARPER chin!


And besides, I like my eyebrows today.


This will be one of the last few pictures I’ll be taking with my iPhone coz.. I am going to get Samsung Note 3!

This new gadget will be much bigger..wonder if it will hinder my picture taking ability.. after all I am used to the compact size of iPhone 5.. *shrugs* I want to get iPhone 5s but it’s so mad expensive!! That’s why I am getting Note 3 instead.

And yes, it’s gonna be black this time 🙂 White looks a bit plastic and pink is way too cute.. And the faux leather behind looks best in black! I have used Samsung before (Samsung Ace – basic phone, and S2) but somehow I reverted back to iPhone eventually. I hope things have improved and hopefully I will have a good experience with this model!


In case you are wondering why I haven’t been updating on my Paleo weight loss journey, that’s because I am doing that on my Facebook Page Paleo Diet in Singapore! It’s getting quite a bit of attention – I get messages from many friends asking me about it and if it helps in their current medical condition, if it is really effective in weight loss etc. I just posted this today on the page:


A real life testimony of a friend i know, who has seen some results on Paleo! I tell you, I never thought I could become so slim. I am sure ladies around me who are heavier than they want to, think that it’s just hopeless to lose weight or it’s just plain unrealistic to look like that model on the magazine. But it is through Paleo that I realise that hope is there, and it’s very possible to achieve that exact look and figure you want! Well maybe not exactly exact, but you get my drift.

If you have been following my blog for Paleo updates, why not pop over my Facebook page, like it, and you will get real time updates – I post what I eat for most meals, I post cool recipes, I post motivational pics, I post Paleo information, and I post real-life testimonies too. Even if you are not on Paleo lifestyle but would like to stay healthy and lean, I will be that pillar of support through that Page too. Feel free to PM me, or email me at norttigurl@gmail.com!



3 thoughts on “I see my SHARPER chin!

  1. tinkered says:

    Hi, I got here because I’m thinking of starting on paleo diet to stop my ever-increasing weight gain D: Good to know it’s working well for you and that it can be done in food-paradise Singapore!

    • sittingcrosslegged says:


      Thanks for dropping by! Yup Paleo works very well for me – I am on Paleo 80% of the time currently!

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