In Christ there is no condemnation.

Pastor Jeff just talked about this on Sunday. And it led me to thinking about my spiritual walk with him and how condemned I’ve been feeling lately.

Through out these 8 years as a Christian who re-dedicated my life back to God, there were some years where I was in tune with the Holy Spirit, I was putting God first in my life etc.

Everything came to a standstill a few years ago. And since then, I have zero spiritual habits in place. I pray the standard “protect my family” prayer whenever I remember and that’s it for the weekdays. The only contact time I have is sunday service and lifegroup. And it’s getting quite hypocritical u know, going service on Sundays to lift my hands and say God you are worthy, and then going back to work the next day acting like I’ve got no God in me.

To the extent that I feel like totally not going service at all. I actually told hubby that I don’t wanna go for Hope conference in May. What’s the point really! I will experience the spiritual high those two days and then go back to my usual secular lifestyle thereafter. Might as well don’t go.

I was sharing my thoughts with hubby and I think he managed to make me feel better, and less condemned.

And yes I’ve decided to restart my spiritual habits. AGAIN. For the n-th time.


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