Tien Court Restaurant at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore) (Food Review)

To summarize, this is possibly the best family lunch ever.

It’s not just any family lunch, but my baby Am’s first birthday lunch. Exactly 1 year ago on 1st March 2013, after dinner at about 8pm, hubby rushed me to the hospital as I was experiencing contractions and true enough, labour had started. And just before midnight, Am was born. It all seems so ethereal now, like so far away.. haha. I guess parents are always more well-prepared when they are expecting their number 2 eh? But i am very glad for the family support I have – my sacrificial hubby, my experienced mum and dad, my always-ready-to-help-in-any-way mother-in-law and supportive sister-in-law! Hubby and I are blessed indeed.

It wasn’t easy in the early years of our marriage – we were young, selfish and foolish adults who seriously kalang-kaboh-ed. Not that we are perfect and flawless now, but I think it is the simple decision to stand by each other in good and bad that led us this far. I just wanna spend the rest of my life with the father of my 2 kids and no other man (i.e. annoy him for the rest of his life too kakaka)!!

Ok enough of neverending mushiness and on to fabulous food pics!

These were the appetizers that came while we waited for the hubby to pick up mother-in-law from her workplace nearby. The edamame was stir fried again with sesame oil I think.. The chilli was the sweet type. Al enjoyed the edamame!

This table was right beside ours. It can be converted into a private room if the panels are closed! Looks really nice 🙂

Here’s page 1 of the dim sum menu. I ordered 2 baskets of pork ribs, 2 baskets of chicken feet and 1 basket of Chee Cheong Fun from the first part of this menu.

They also serve ala carte dishes as well in the other menu. We ordered from both!

Page 2. I ordered quite a few baskets of dim sum from this page, but all in 2 pieces (which is the minimum), although it was a party of 5 adults and 2 children. Coz I prefer variety (plus can take more pictures too!) and we also ordered from ala carte menu 🙂

I was glad I ordered this, coz Tien Court was super generous with the minced pork!! Super super generous!

We also ordered yang chow fried rice (standard portion for 4pax). Both mums found it a bit oily.

Half a roast chicken which I ate quite a bit 🙂 tasty! No backside though, sad. And we let our birthday girl have the drumstick! Shredded the drumstick into thin bits and she totally fell in love with it. She just sat frozen in her baby chair (rare sight) and ate away silently. Haha!

Having said that, it was her birthday hence we let her have some roast chicken. Probably won’t do that again coz of the high salt content! Not good for babies!

Prawn dumplings. I didn’t eat any dumplings coz of the skin heehee.

Tapioca cake

Some dumpling… Haha.

Char Siew pastry

Siew Mai looking fat and juicy

Egg custard bun – I didn’t eat but it was really runny, given the mess Al and my sister-in-law made when eating lol



Chee Cheong Fun with char siew – presented with some vegetables (my first time seeing this) and a saucer of shrimp chilli paste. All of us loved the shrimp chilli paste!


Chicken feet – fatty and juicy!


Pork ribs – huge chunks of flesh and very little bones 🙂


Hubby ordered this claypot tofu with seafood later on – it came looking abundantly filled with seafood, vegetables and tofu! This dish has a very homely taste, something you would eat at a family dinner at home.


Hubby also ordered 3 of these huge pork ribs in tangerine sauce for us to share – not bad but cannot compare to Hua Ting’s mega-huge pork ribs we had the last time!


also a subsequent order (that’s the good thing about not ordering too much at first!), garoupa with celery and beans – a great addition coz it’s a very light dish in comparison to the dim sum! Am had some of this fish too – but she seemed to prefer the chicken hahaha.


We bought this eggless Strawberry Vanilla Cake from The Cake Shop. I called the Thomson Plaza branch to order and I collected it at Thomson Plaza just before lunch. The cake was good – not too sweet! Hubby didnt really like it coz it wasn’t fluffy enough (due to the lack of egg I suppose) but I quite liked it 🙂


Tien Court serves YAM PASTE TOO!!! I was damn full already but sorry, I just couldnt resist ordering an individual portion of this. IT WAS HEAVENLY (all yam paste taste heavenly to me actually) and it wasn’t too sweet! Just nice!


Inside of my slice of cake 🙂 Am LOVED IT. it was such a joy watching her eat that day – coz she has never tried them before and the look of shiok-ness on her face was simply priceless!

Ok more on Tien Court now. The front-of-house staff at Tien Court were always smiley and polite while attending to our table. Hubby called for staff several times for subsequent food orders and they were always patient and obliging. When the garoupa dish came, I asked a manager (I think he is a manager, he was wearing a jacket) what fish it was and he told me within 5 seconds haha. Good job 🙂 I wasn’t trying to test him ok, I wanted to know what fish I was feeding to Am!

The aunties who are clearing our plates were also very prompt. They also helped us change our dirty personal plates 🙂

Overall service was wonderful, and it played a huge part in making this lunch one of the best family lunches I’ve ever been to! Food-wise, none of us complained abt any dish at all (except the fried rice which was abit oily for both mums) and we were so satisfied and fat after lunch 🙂

And another thing, hubby and I felt that Tien Court’s dishes pale slightly in comparison to Hua Ting’s. Hua Ting’s roast meat platter, steamed soon hock and pork ribs were excellent, whereas Tien Court’s dishes were tasty but however not that impressive. Not sure if I have made an adequate comparison?

Bill came up to be $132 after using the 50% discount voucher. I would think it’s quite pricey if there was no discount. But hey, we ate like kings!

Then my mum noticed something which I didn’t know. There was a celebrity chef in Tien Court!


(image taken from http://www.hongleong.com.sg/enewshl/1306/images/play_Chef-Ho—Tien-Court—pg-1.jpg)

Chef Ho Tien Tsai – who appears frequently on TV shows! My mum and I were at the main entrance walking Am for a bit. He walked out and waved at us 🙂 very smiley – 见牙不见眼 (can see the teeth, but not the eyes coz his eyes quite small :D)!

Next up – Grand Shanghai to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday in May!


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