Sushi Tei at Thomson Plaza (Food Review)

We managed to get a nice round window table at the end of the restaurant after about 45 minutes wait. Of course while waiting we went to buy groceries at NTUC first πŸ™‚

gotta make a confession first though. I actually was on medical leave since last Sunday due to a bad fall and through this I got to know that my blood pressure is really low.

So, during this week at home, I had rice for one of the meals everyday just to get some energy as I was feeling very giddy and weak. Can’t afford another fall u know..

Ya so I’ve been not been on paleo this whole week 😦 and I immediately was unable to pass motion. But I’m not sure if it’s due to the sudden intake of rice or the painkiller I was taking that caused the constipation! Zzz. But i will definitely go back go to paleo again once I’m fully recovered from the fall. But i think it will take maybe more than a month or two. Sigh.

Ok back to the dinner. πŸ™‚

Pictures aren’t edited at all. Natural lighting. This is my mum’s oyako don. Chicken with egg on rice. My mum couldn’t finish!


Salmon roe fried rice. Al attacked this with gusto and nearly finished all of it. Hubby who shared this with her said it was good.

We have always been quite satisfied with Sushi Tei’s good. Yummy and we feel like we are eating really good Japanese food!


Agadeshi tofu which I didn’t touch.


Oyster roll sushi with mentai. I had 2 of this and it was so very yummy!! Both hubby and I love mentai dressing πŸ™‚


And it’s very pretty too. Al had 1 all by herself. She was a hungry girl today πŸ™‚


This was some cooked salmon sushi with mentai as well..not bad! but prefer the previous one still πŸ™‚


Salmon sashimi which I didn’t eat as well..


We ordered another of these – soft shell crab with fish floss. It was quite spicy but the avocado and cucumber addition was a nice combination I thought!


This looks dark. Anyway this was another mentai sushi roll.. With kani inside. Think hubby and I went crazy over mentai today… haha

Was just telling hubby that I haven shared food with him for a long time already coz i went paleo. Haha. So It was a nice dinner at Sushi Tei coz hubby and I shared our food!

Service – no big problems. We get served promptly and staff are polite and obliging. Even while waiting, we were being attended to very patiently when we asked when was it going to be our turn. Our teas were refilled promptly as well!

Love πŸ™‚


Gravity (Movie by George Cloony & Sandra Bullock) – SPOILER ALERT

I watched this movie a few weeks back with hubby, in our bedroom, on the iPad.

It was rather uncomfortable – even though we were propped up nicely with pillows and all.

I don’t really do movie reviews but this movie had really caught my attention and may I add, my very breath as well.

From the start of the movie, Ryan (Sandra Bullock) was already having an insufficient level of oxygen and I felt so damn much for her for dunno what reason. I realised that I was unconsciously breathing very thinly, as though I myself was experiencing a lack of oxygen in my tank as well. =_=

Ya so I felt slightly dizzy during the course of the movie coz I wasn’t taking in too much air. LOL.

I am serious ok.

And the other thing that struck me was Sandra Bullock’s toned and svelte body. MAN I can imagine the number of hours she put in the gym before attaining such a figure. It was a joy to watch her in Gravity – even though most of the scenes were digitally remade, it looked so realistic.

Her partnership with George Clooney in this move was impeccably done too – her dependence on Kowalski (George Clooney’s character name) in the beginning, her ‘forced-to’ toughness when Kowalski left her, her ‘awakening’ to another presence bigger than herself (presumably God) through visions and dreams, her sheer desperation to just get out of space and back to good old earth.

Her experience is something I will never want myself to go through. hahaa.

And leaving you a picture of the beautiful co-stars.



As I grow older, the fragility of life seems to get more and more real. Missing plane. Father and son jumped off the flat one after the other. Lady got stabbed overseas.

And the fact that I’m on medical leave now probably triggered this whole emotional post πŸ™‚

I used to think that the best way to spend my life is to do missionary work where everyone gets to know about God through me. I wanted to work in my church and I wanted to just spend every minute doing stuff that count for eternity. Logically that’s the way to spend my life most meaningfully and purposefully.

But i guess God has showed me enough evidence that i am not missionary material. Lol. I spent half my life trying to read bible, pray, evangelise and tithe regularly and now I’m still not able to achieve it!

So, I’m gonna stop trying too hard coz i always get downcast, indulge in guilt and selfblame whenever I fail (all the time). Instead, I shall live a life of joy as God has graciously intended me to live and continue to shine for Him in whatever i’m doing.

I find joy in encouraging friends to work hard on their weight loss journey.Β  I find joy in writing food reviews and seeing strangers read them. I find joy in spending time with my hubby, girls and immediate family. I find joy in working at my new company and bringing smiles to the people there!

So I guess these things are what God has blessed me with and what He wants me to flourish in, and bless others with.

Life is short. Don’t spend your life doing what you dislike!

The Lawn Cafe at AXA Tower (Shenton Way/ Tanjong Pagar) (Food Review)

(You won’t be able to imagine my out-of-this-world excitement when Jonathan, the owner of The Lawn, emailed me and asked me to review his food at The Lawn.

Well, I guess other blog writers who get such emails for the first time will probably feel the same way I did teehee)


Yanxi and I met at Tanjong Pagar MRT and via Exit E, we got to The Lawn very quickly!! It was a fully sheltered short 5 minutes leisurely walk. Even if I don’t work at Shenton Way, I don’t mind meeting friends here after work coz it’s so accessible by MRT!


Well-kept and clean entrance.


I simply had to take a pic of this blackboard. HOW DO THEY MANAGE TO WRITE SO DAMN NEATLY ON THIS?!

We stepped in and I asked for Jonathan. The staff, Jimson (probably the cafe manager), had apparently been briefed by Jonathan and he knew we were going πŸ™‚


Jimson sat down with us and went through this order chit patiently. Simple enough – if you want a Chef’s Pick, just tick and go straight to Step 5 for an extra side of your choice. If you want to create your own, just go through each step – except that if you choose olive rice in step 1, you just skip Step 3.

Anyway if you are the blur sotong type, just ASK – friendly Jimson and his staff will be glad to guide you through πŸ™‚


Studying the order chit intensely, and asking this photographer what she wanted. Apparently she wasn’t paying much attention πŸ˜‰


Just place a calculator there and you’ll think I was doing accounting homework LOL.


Ah ha – we’re done! We ordered a Chef’s Pick and a self-created olive rice set πŸ™‚

While waiting for our food to arrive, we started snapping away!!


Standard Chartered card members get 10% off any main course ordered! Whatcha waiting for?

In a nutshell, The Lawn is a cafe serving salads with a whole array of nutritious grilled meats/ vegetables you can choose from. For friends who cannot go without rice, there’s this Olive Rice set which you can order along with its grills. If you are Paleo like me, get the salad bowl! And they have an astounding 10 types of dressings – all unique and flavourful πŸ™‚ Best thing is, you decide what you want inside your bowl.

The Lawn operates at two locations – Shenton Way and Biopolis.

The Lawn At Shenton
Address: 8 Shenton Way, #B1-11,Β AXA Tower,S068811
Phone: +65 65348749
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10:30am – 09:00pm
The Lawn At Biopolis
Address: 31 Biopolis Way, #01-07, Nanos,S138669
Phone: +65 64789739
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11:15am – 09:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 04:00pm


Yanxi fell in love with the carrot and broccoli cushies.


They really very cute la! The colours of all the cushions are so cheerful and uplifting πŸ™‚


This is the other entrance, where customers will queue up during lunch and order from here.


There’s also this big board at this entrance that helps you decide what you want while you queue. I understand from Jimson that during lunch, customers will usually queue up, order, and then go and pay and then self-collect at the counter at the other end of the cafe. During dinner time, when it’s less hectic, Jimson and his staff will do table service.


You know, during the whole time we were in the cafe, I wasn’t wearing my shoes. Coz there’s GRASS flooring in the cafe!


And i really agree with this quote that’s found in the cafe. Everyone is fighting their own battles, having their own problems. Hence the least we could do, is to flash a smile to anyone and everyone so that their day will be a teeny weeny bit brighter!


I’ve always loved such colour themes. light brown with white. Very rural and country feel don’t u think?


The Lawn is a perfect place for a relaxing dinner with friends.


Looking at this picture, really can tell I slimmed down a lot!


With such pretty cushions, how can don’t take pics right!


This has to be my favourite picture of the night! Thanks to my co-photographer Yanxi πŸ˜€ think brown hair suits me a lot?


And our food arrived! This is our Olive Rice set with side salad, grilled prawns and Me So Spicy dressing. The colours are so pretty la!!


The Olive Rice is good enough to eat on its own – it’s not salty at all, but yet fragrant and flavourful.


And our other dish – it’s one of the Chef’s Picks – Hunky Dory (butter-seared dory with alfafa sprouts, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, tofu and almonds, with Wafu dressing). I LOVED this combination coz I love all the ingredients!)


The Dory – really was one big chunk of a hunk. haha. HUGE. This costs $13.90 – super worth it! I could have this for both my breakfast and lunch.


Jimson also prepared a few plates of samples for us – so nice of them πŸ™‚ I have decided to give Jimson a nickname – Handsome Jimson! I really wanted to take a picture with him, but didnt ahhaa. PAISEH LAH.

So, the above meats are the Char-Grilled Cajun Chicken, Chicken Breast with Herbs and Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion. All 3 were not oily at all, but tasty and will go along very well with salads. This is very important for friends who are mindful of the food they eat – very suitable for people on a strict diet πŸ™‚


Here are the dressings:

Furthest row – Me So Spicy, Balsamico with Olive Oil

2nd furthest row – Wasa Honey, Perky Sesame Ginger

2nd row – Honeyball (honey with Dijon mustard), Apple Cider Vinaigrette

1st row – Manly Mango, Beachy Peachy, Maple Peanut

(Missing dressing here is Wafu, which already came with our Hunky Dory salad)

My personal favourites are Perky Sesame Ginger and Wasa Honey πŸ™‚ For Paleo eaters, you may wanna stick to Balsamico with Olive Oil or Apple Cider Vinaigrette πŸ™‚


We were also given some Char-grilled Mixed Mushrooms and Ben’s Beef Rub. Yanxi was absolutely smitten with the mushrooms (she literally lapped up every single bit of the minced garlic I swear) – they were so generous with the garlic that added so much flavour to the mushrooms!


For those who need some iron and good protein, these beef cubes will be a good addition!


Another of my favourite pictures πŸ™‚


We finally settled down to makan after taking pictures of the food πŸ™‚ I thought this pic would turn out disastrous. But looks like when one is slim, you look good in ALL PICTURES xD

Yanxi and I indulged in idle chatter about work and life while munching away. We were there from 7 until nearly 9pm, and it simply wasn’t enough – we could just yak on and on in the cosy cafe with all those cushions!


Pics were taken by my new Samsung Note 3. I brought my Canon Ixus actually, but ended up using phone anyway.


And a big thank you to my darling Yanxi for accompanying me to this review session and taking so many nice pictures for me πŸ™‚


In case you don’t know yet, The Lawn has a delivery service too – check out! They also do personal and corporate events as well πŸ™‚


Lastly, we would like to thank The Lawn for their generosity and hospitable service. Service as observed during our session there – The staff were not intrusive during meals, but came to us immediately when we called for them. Same for other customers that night as well. And Jimson was a great exampleΒ  – he was humble, service-oriented and attentive.

This cafe is a perfect place for catch up sessions in the evenings – I will definitely think of this place again whenever I meet my girlfriends!

Beautiful wedding

Just attended a wedding yesterday at Botanic Gardens’ Au Jardin restaurant owned by Les Amis. It was the last wedding coz the restaurant is not continuing the lease and will stop operations end of this month.


The restaurant was a lovely colonial house surrounded by trees.


It was a cosy group of about 7 tables.


And very personalised.


Fine dining french style. Exquisite menu.


And the bride prepared a note for each and every guest – she must have spent a lot of time on this πŸ™‚ but I think it’s absolutely worth it coz it’s so sweet!


The appetiser was angel hair pasta with mud crab. I love the floral delicate feel of the presentation πŸ™‚


The photography was damn cool also. U get your pics STRAIGHT AWAY!


The knife was very clean, void of any stain. I remember the days at Restaurant Teatro (was in Esplanade, now no more) where we stayed back after operation hours to wipe all the wine glasses, knives and forks. Those were fun times where everyone worked in a team!


I thoroughly enjoyed my striploin done medium.


Perfect isn’t it!! Oh and the spinach side salad drenched in truffle reduction was spectacular.



Service was very prompt and professional.Β  The manager Bernard is one humorous guy who chats with the guests and his staff are quick and polite. I noticed that all of the staff are guys! Haha.

Lovely way to spend my Saturday πŸ™‚

Nothing is impossible


4 more kilograms to go. To my target weight of 49kg. Actually I feel that 48 sounds better, but it’ll mean that I’m underweight. Actually 49 is already underweight..

Let’s see how light I can become. πŸ™‚

It’s amazing. I just related myself to the word “underweight”. Really, nothing is impossible.

I love my new body!

As you would have known, I have lost 10 kg within 5 months. Previously out of shape and flabby, I am now seeing a more toned and bony Wendy.

And let me tell you this: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW BODY at 53kg.


I can feel my hip bones. I can see my square shoulders. I no longer feel my inner thighs slapping against each other.Β Life gets a whole chunk better when you look good. And the better news is, I will be looking this good or even better in time to come. πŸ™‚

I am also very excited about my new job too. It has been the 4th day and so far so good. This job needs a bit of getting used to coz it requires lots of liaising and communicating with many people, very different from the previous one where I just wait for emails to come in and the only thing I communicate with is the database. It’s a bit scary you know, but life is an adventure and every little experience is a good learning moment πŸ™‚

Most important thing is to stay healthy and happy to enjoy every moment, isnt it? πŸ™‚