Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 3 (daytime) – 21 Feb 2014

We woke up slightly later that day, but still early, about 7? Haha. It was another fantastic sleep! I should have checked out the brand of the mattress they were using!

Quite a Paleo breakfast 🙂 I ate many of their super sweet pomelo!

I posted this pic on Facebook and Belle said I looked so radiant haha. It’s the filter lah hahaha.

After breakfast we went back to our villa and took a dip in the pool.. Packed our stuff slowly, leisurely.. And waited for the buggy to fetch us to the spa area where we were supposed to meet our personal driver Sak.

And Sak brought us to Phong Phang Restaurant for our seafood lunch.

We chose a lobster, a crab and ordered tom yum soup and deep fried prawns with tamarind sauce. The lady who served us knew Mandarin so it helped a lot.

And they got free wifi!

It was literally by the sea. Very breezy despite the sunny weather.

Although it wasn’t much of a view.. Water not very clear also.

The restaurant is located in a small road, gotta drive in. It is simply furnished. Apparently this place isn’t very good (I just read tripadvisor)…

But when we were there, we didn’t know.. Sak recommended and we jus said okay lor.

Shiyun commented that he looked younger in this photo. A holiday that does wonders eh. Haha.

My coconut drink that was slightly sour. I asked another waitress if I could change, she said no. Prob because she couldn’t understand me well. The lady who served us earlier came round and asked us how’s the food – I told her about the coconut drink and she got me another one immediately. 🙂 nice!

Tom yum soup – not bad! But I prefer the one at Bypass 😉

Our small black pepper crab – it was delicious! I find it even more tasty than our Singapore black pepper crab coz the gravy has pieces of garlic that made the gravy sooooo yummy. And it being a small crab, the shell was thin and easy to crack open 🙂 superb dish.

Our lobster cooked in butter. Not much butter though. Flesh was firm and good! 🙂

This was another winner – deep fried prawns in tamarind sauce – crispy, crunchy, and the sauce complimented super well with the prawns! But it attracted a lot of houseflies bleah. And it gave me a pimple too haha.

The meal cost about sgd$100? We were ok with it.. Coz got lobster. But after reading the tripadvisor reviews, now I think we could have gotten a better deal somewhere else haha. Oh well!

I fell asleep on the way to the airport haha, and we bid Sak farewell. I shook his hand and praised him for his great service!!

Here’s his name card, should u need a personal driver when visiting Phuket!

He will recommend u places to go, but he won’t push u. Easy going and very polite chap! His car is very comfortable too 🙂

So this marks the end of my Phuket trip posts. My next trip is possibly end of this year – bring the family to Gold Coast. Between now and then, I’ll be embarking on my new career! Maybe (just maybe!) can squeeze in another villa stay after my probation hehe!


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