Farewell Lunch at Bibigo (Marina Bay Financial Centre) (Food Review)


But it was a great lunch with 2 giggly ladies lol.

U must be wondering, what can I eat at Bibigo while on Paleo?! Actually, strictly speaking, NOTHING. Coz you really have no idea what they put in the broth!

So I chose the safest (hopefully) option..


Spicy Chicken Soup without the bowl of rice that comes with it. This dish is filled with shredded chicken, mushrooms, bracken and leeks – very PALEO.

Just that I am quite sure there is soy content in the soup, but eating out in Singapore – it’s nearly impossible to go strictly Paleo! And this being a farewell lunch with 2 of my colleagues, it’s considered a special occasion.

Just that I’ve been having MANY special occasions the past week, this week, and next week also. =_=


It came with 3 side dishes – kimchi, thinly sliced beancurd and pickled radish. I did not touch the beancurd at all, which is also made of soy!

The spicy chicken soup was delish though – fulfilled every single bit of my craving for spicy food. Such comfort food is perfect while chatting away with friends ^_^

And being a farewell, how can we don’t take pics right!


I know this filter made everything look pink, but i love the dreamy effect la 😛 That’s Hui Mee on the left and Jolie on the right, looking all chummy and in love xD


Jolie and me! I am glad that I am starting to look slim!


I really haven posed this way for a long time.. oh man. lol.


a 2nd take – i decided to look a bit more serious, and Jolie – what kind of hand sign is that? ahaha.

How I wish we could just go for a cup of coffee and maybe a cake (!!) after lunch. Sigh.


On a side note, I think i really ought to do some brisk walking/ sprinting soon..


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