Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 2 (evening time) – 20 Feb 2014

Phuket Indy Market was the night market we visited that night. This market is open every Thursday and Friday, while the main Weekend market (at another area) is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

It was filled with Thai students and a handful of tourists. Glad that it felt very local 🙂 I was all ready to attack the food!

As it was nearly 7pm, there were throngs of people queueing up for the food already!

The food was super cheap, ranging from 20 bhat to 40 bhat. That’s between sgd1-2 dollars!!

We tried this handmade hotdog. Yum.

They got tako pachi too!

U know how tako pachi has tasted worse and worse in SG?

SG ones are filled with starch and very little ingredients.

Phuket version of tako pachi. Super gorgeous presentation from a street food stall. Not stingy with the sauce at all and they even give you tissue paper!

They tasted great with the generous servings of the mayo and dunno what sauce. Dribbly soft goodness.

Homemade minced pork balls – hubby didn’t like it coz there were veg inside but I totally loved it haha.

These were cute little pies with shredded coconut! Delicious and not too overwhelming coz they were tiny 🙂

Quail eggs which we didn’t try.. Coz we know how quail eggs taste like… Besides we wanted to eat other stuff 🙂

Back to the small coconut pies. The way they made it was such a joy to watch. Both uncle and auntie making these worked in perfect harmony!

I’ve got no idea what’s this. They looked too sweet and artificial to seduce us.

This had a long queue. We bought this crispy chicken with sticky rice from them. Nice! But we didn’t eat much of the sticky rice… Aka glutinous rice – later indigestion.

I bought this spicy chicken salad from this auntie and brought it back to the villa to eat. I tell u, it’s nice but super spicy! I couldn’t go on after half a packet, despite drowning myself in cold beer to try to get rid of the spicy-ness!

Ya I bought only 2 tops from the market (costing sgd$2 each) and we spent the rest of the time queueing for food and devouring them one by one hahaha… Cheap and good!


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