5am and awake

I’m now sitting on my mum’s bed looking at Am who’s sleeping away sweetly, with her pacifier halfway dropped out of her mouth. Just managed to trim her nails heehee. Much easier when she’s asleep!

I’m actually supposed to be sleeping now, but I slept early last night at about 11, so I’m feeling quite chirpy now lol.

I’m currently serving notice with my company, left with 2 plus weeks before my last day on 12 March. It’s funny how things can happen for the first time ever when there’s an impending farewell.. Like, my colleagues and I are going for ktv for the first time next Thursday, I’m going for a nice department lunch next Friday and we are going to take a group pic for the first time in history ever.

Partly because my old buddy Yanxi at work has resumed work in my department, it’s like a big reunion! Haha.

Met Juliana yesterday at Raffles Place during lunch coz she wanted to pass me some Tokyo bananas that she got from japan. She walked past me and didn’t realise it was me coz I had lost a lot of weight. And she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me. This was her whatsapp message after lunch:

Guess losing about 10kg does make quite a significant difference !!

I ended up buying 2 dresses while shopping with Juliana.. 1 white dress from MDS for just $12.90 and 1 green work dress for $18 at some shop at Arcade! Great deals – can try some more!!

And not forgetting, earlier that day, I made an online purchase of another dress from Dressabelle – also $18. 3 dresses in a day…

This was the Dressabelle dress I got. Nice leh!!

I bought size M cos I want my waist area to be more comfortable. Size S waist looks a bit small for me.. I could only guess! Will update u guys when I get the dress πŸ™‚

Selfie which I took on Monday. Praying hard that I’ll lose more weight soon. Haha. My new target is to hit 49kg?… Sounds impossible, but let’s see how my Paleo lifestyle can lead me to that πŸ™‚ I’m not gonna skip meals or eat lesser or go hungry coz Paleo diet will help me lose weight naturally while eating normally! It’s just the kind of foods I eat that matters.

Love paleo πŸ™‚


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