Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 1 (evening time) – 19 Feb 2014

After a wonderful rest in the villa from 2 to 6pm (including drama watching – the first Laughing Gor police drama which we both didn’t catch when it aired), we got the buggy to drive us to the restaurant for our dinner. How nice isn’t it – we felt so pampered 🙂

Actually we just needed to settle our dinner simply in the villa coz we were too lazy to go out and more importantly we wanted to spend more time enjoying the villa. But at about 2 plus in the afternoon, the reception called me and told me that since it was hubby’s birthday, they will arrange us to sit at the private dining area.

When we booked this villa stay, we did not mention hubby’s birthday. When we checked in earlier, we didn’t mention also. The staff must have noticed somehow, that it was his birthday that day and took initiative to arrange all this!

The steps leading to the restaurant.

But before we headed downwards to the restaurant, we went to the reception to choose a few DVDs to borrow (for free). We chose Jack n Jill (Adam Sandler – hubby’s favourite comedian), About Time (Rachel McAdams) and some Andy Lau movie which we eventually didn’t watch.

Beautiful orchids everywhere!

We got seated at the private pavilion and ordered 2 frozen lychee margaritas coz it was happy hour 1-for-1!

Just the two of us, like we owned the whole place!

They also thoughtfully provided mosquito repellent spray which I sprayed on generously haha.

The yummy margarita 🙂

Starter for both of us – some lightly deep fried meat ball with crispy skin.

View from our dining table. There’s the reception!

Hubby looked well-rested already lol.

We didn’t order some western dining dishes. Instead we ordered a few Thai dishes to share. This was the spicy chicken salad.


Tom yum soup which was neither spicy nor sour lol. But it was not bad la, just don’t see it as tom yum soup haha.

Big grilled prawns – very nice!

Phad Thai! It was getting dark as u can see 🙂

We were literally bursting but we saw this banana flambé which was just too irresistible.. Haha. And we didn’t regret getting it – it was superb 🙂

And just as we were enjoying the flambé, two staff came along and…

Presented hubby with 4 cupcakes with candles, and sang a birthday song for him! We were glad that we were the only table at the private pavilion haha.. It was so sweet of them! And the 4 plain cupcakes haha – they must have sent someone out to buy the cupcakes? Coz the cupcakes looked like they have just been stripped of their paper cups, don’t look like a chef made them?And I thought it was creative to have cupcakes for birthday cake 🙂 simple but so sweet!! Really, the gesture means more than anything, 4 plain cupcakes are better than a fancy expensive cake!

I nearly wanted to walk over to present a birthday kiss but… Was too full. Lol. I really wanna thank Villa Zolitude for this dinner though – it made hubby’s 40th birthday such a good one!

The dinner cost about $100 in total – if u wish to know 🙂

We decided to take a walk to digest the heavy dinner. The main pool at night twinkles with sparkling lights!

We walked further down to The Library.

Interior of the library. Was a bit stuffy since the aircon wasn’t turned on.

No we didn’t borrow any. Rather watch shows!

Walked down even further, and decided to have a game of pool. Haha! So long never play already, and this was free!

We played 2 games in the end and I lost both games. Expected.. Haha. We reached our condo at about 8 plus.. Showered… Got comfortable in the bed and started watching Jack & Jill.

And I was asleep by 11pm. It had been a great first day!


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