Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 1 (daytime) – 19 Feb 2014

Hubby and I set off when it was still dark. Got a cab right outside our place and off we went!

We had a crappy breakfast at T2 MacDonalds (incredibly shameful portions) and boarded our Tiger Airways budget flight at about 9am?

Cotton candy clouds!

Reaching Phuket – the huge endless expanse of the blue blue sea.

Phuket airport was quite a pleasant surprise, with super clean toilets and air conditioned interiors. We got out of customs after half an hour and our personal driver, Sak, was outside the main entrance along with many other personal drivers. And he held a big card saying “Welcome Wendy”. Heehee.

We were supposed to just go get some snacks at 7-11 and head to Villa Zolitude immediately but Sak said if we were hungry (it was about 11am) he could drop us at a restaurant which was along the way to the villa. And so we did ๐Ÿ™‚

We were brought to this Bypass Seafood Restaurant which was very near the Premium outlets.

Beer on a hot day tasted really good ๐Ÿ™‚

The birthday boy also happy with his Singha beer.

They call this Morning Glory – we call it Kang Kong. Very good! A bit spicy cos they added chilli slices. Crisp and crunchy.

This was the best Tom Yum soup I’ve ever tasted through out this trip. Filled with ingredients and the soup was soooo good!!!

Thai green curry – another winner – the soup was sweet and thick, also plenty of ingredients!

I went without rice and both of us couldn’t finish everything lor. The portions were big ๐Ÿ™‚ we were super satisfied after that.

We asked Sak if we could pop by the premium outlets for an hour before he drives us back to the villa. It was about 1215pm and his next appointment was 3pm. And he said yes!

But sadly, there was nothing very cheap at the premium outlets. There’s nike, Adidas, Ripcurl, billabong, crocs etc but they weren’t super cheap. We ended up getting just 2 tops for Al.

We reached Villa Zolitude finally and were really glad – we couldn’t wait to take a good rest ๐Ÿ™‚

Sak could only drop us at the main entrance where the spa was. We alighted and took a buggy to the reception which was further up the hill. The driver was very smiley and looked all ready to serve.

While in the buggy. Passed by a few villas.. The surroundings were serene and quiet.

Main reception lounge area – pretty and peaceful.

And when you look out from the lounge.. You see nothing but trees. It’s really quite hidden from the city ๐Ÿ™‚

To the left of the reception, was the restaurant in the villa. That small pavilion is the restaurant’s private dining area.

To the right – pool.. And more trees!

Villa Zolitude is a place where you wanna do nothing but just rest and relax, which was what we did. Usually tourists going Phuket will choose to stay near the beach for the swimming, snorkeling, and fun activities. We went to the hilltop instead.

Welcome drink that tasted like ribena.

While waiting for our villa to be ready.. There was a telescope (is that the correct name haha) and later that night we realized why there was this telescope. Because at night the sky is super clear and we could see many stars!

The spacious lounge area – breezy and relaxing. By the way at Villa Zolitude, there are quite a lot of mosquitoes cos it’s inside a forest. Gotta put mozzie patch at all times. The restaurant also offers repellent spray, the villa itself also has repellent lotion – so no worries!

Me me me.

A buggy took us to villa 403, which was at the highest level if I’m not wrong. With all the other “40x”.

The interior was exactly what u see in the website. Damn luxurious and gorgeous.

This was my favorite part of the villa. The mattress is incredibly comfortable! Just lie down there and two (you and the mattress) will become one lol! The pillows were very cuddly too.

On one side of the bed – two chairs which we hardly used. I just plonk myself on the bed everytime.

Our forest view. Not much of a view actually. We ended up closing the wooden panels on all sides to have more privacy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Big and pretty Wash up area.

Shower room. Their hot water comes real quickly!

Don’t you just love this drape!!

Our private pool looking clean. It overlooks the small road. It’s private enough, unless our Neighbour villa decides to lift up their blinds. I didn’t really care though.

2 storeys. The main room is on the second storey, the pool and the day bed area is below.

The day bed room also has aircon, and an outdoor shower and toilet area. Nice.

We didn’t use these at all. Haha.

Close up of the day bed. I still prefer the main bed anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

Plenty of towels for our use.

And as I was snapping pics, hubby went and plunged into the pool. Couldn’t wait haha. I didn’t join him. I went for a shower instead!

By the way the pictures I posted above are not edited. Too many, too lazy to edit them.

Next up – our dinner at Villa Zolitude’s restaurant!


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