Crystal Jade Kitchen at Takashimaya (Food Review)


As i needed very desperately to get a set of bikini for my Phuket trip this week, the family decided to go Takashimaya last night (Sunday night) for dinner coz there’s a huge Sports department on Taka’s 4th floor. We were feeling lazy actually after the morning fun run but decided to go ahead anyway..

We reached Taka at about 7pm and went to hunt for a dinner place first. The food court was impossibly crowded (with many big tables of people occupying the seats and chatting away shamelessly) so we walked about endlessly until we reached Crystal Jade Kitchen. And to our surprise, it was quite empty!

Really quite surprised lor, coz usually it’s packed, gotta queue, be on the waiting list etc.. but we got a nice big round table immediately. 🙂 As I had some Greek yogurt at home before we came out, we ordered just 3 dishes and hubby ordered Yang Chow fried rice to share with my mum.

The food came very quickly, much to our relief (coz Am couldn’t sit still for very long haha). The fried rice came first and i couldnt take a picture of that as I was busy wearing socks for Am whose toes were getting cold haha.


Scrambled eggs with prawns. The egg was moist and smooth, prawns chunky and bursting with flavour!



Claypot tofu with salted fish and chicken cubes. Another hit coz it was very very fragrant and goes super well with rice.



Broccoli with mushrooms – also very good!

Haha all the 3 dishes I ordered were fantastic and the portions were just right! Al had a bowl of white rice and she actually finished the whole bowl (rare ok) with the very tasty dishes 🙂 I scooped a spoonful of rice as a snack for Am. I put a bit of the broccoli gravy and mixed with the rice – and she LOVED IT.

Yay – hope everytime we go there, Crystal Jade Kitchen will be empty xD


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