Safari Zoo Run 2014

It wasn’t exactly a run for hubby, myself and Al… Haha. But it was a nice thing to do together, get fit, get sweating, get some sun!

Although we walked most of the way, we walked a lot more than 6km coz hubby parked along the main road and we probably walked 2km in before reaching the zoo. And after the run, we walked out 2km to reach our car.. Coz parking was full according to the Cisco police officer bleah.

The nice cute thing about this run was that we saw animals along the way! I didn’t manage to take pics of every animal though.

Baby elephants playing with sand.

Lion taking a nap.


Baby hippos 🙂 so cute.

There were many many families participating in this Fun Run, so many people were walking and not running. I can’t wait to join a proper run! I’m actually surprised at myself that I still feel like doing runs although I’ve stopped running on treadmills since dec 🙂

We started the run at about 1030am. Ended at 1145am lol. We all had our finisher medals anyway! Went for lunch after that. I didn’t have breakfast, so I was soooo hungry!

Managed to park at upper Thomson and we went to Astons for lunch. I had this grilled fish. Scraped away all the creamy sauce! Al had meatball bolognaise, mushroom soup, garlic bread. I’ve never seen her so famished before hahha.

And here’s the Tee. Love the colours!


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