Hwa Nam Restaurant (Upper Thomson) (Food Review)

Got tired of having breakfast at Thomson Plaza, so we drove just a bit further down to Hwa Nam.

FYI, if the parallel parking lots outside Hwa Nam are fully occupied (usually the case), go down to Sin Ming plaza and park at their open air carpark! That was what we did 🙂 many empty lots.

Hwa Nam was expectedly quiet on a Saturday morning – we reached there at about 830am. Maybe too early? Sat inside coz outside tables all filled.

Their deep fried food are all displayed in full view for you to pick and choose. The popiah in particular is very nice!

Their interior is old and dirty but you’ll like it for its antique and rural feel.

One thing I love about shophouses – their backyard! Reminds me of the Peranakan shophouses in Malacca.

And as hubby points out, all such oldschool restaurants have big mirrors lol.

Our chosen variety, minus the prawn dumplings (Har gau) which came shortly after.

Their steamer baskets are also displayed in full view for you to pick and choose. These pork ribs and chicken feet I chose were good! Pork ribs had hardly any bones – fatty and nice. Chicken feet had quite a lot of flesh too.

Hubby had the Chee Cheong Fun all to himself 🙂 the mushroom minced meat was nice. Their minced meat is very flavourful – I think there’s no starch.

Siew Mai – standard taste. I peeled off the yellow skin before eating though lol. Yellow skin not Paleo :p

Their Har gau isn’t fantastic either. Two of them still enjoying valentines day. I ate the prawn filling without the skin XD

The bill, plus 2 canned drinks, came up to $17.20. Oh we ordered the popiah (told 2 of the staff in fact), but it didn’t arrive.. So we just went without. Their egg tarts are apparently quite good too, I see people packing them home.

Overall Hwa Nam is a simple nice place for homely dim sum dishes. I think they serve Zhi char dishes in the evening too. It’s the only place at upper Thomson serving dim sum, hubby observed. Service is okay, I like the friendly patient uncle!


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