Happy Yuanxiao + Weight Update

It’s a beautiful day to celebrate Valentine’s Day coz it’s also the Lunar Valentine’s Day today! Double happiness 🙂

To all couples and couple-wannabes, have fun today!

It’s just another normal work day for me and hubby. Hubby’s back at work today after his 2-day affair with the loo. I had some tummy discomfort since yesterday afternoon too, so I quickly downed some Sambucol in the office.


And till evening, I was still feeling weird in the tummy, hence the crappy tired look after work 😦 even before i slept, my tummy was still very ‘active’ with a lot of weird sounds. think the stupid germs from hubby tried attacking me..

But it was all gone when i woke up this morning!! I felt energetic and normal again, thank God 🙂 and the even better news is..


I weigh lesser this morning! Going towards 54kg 🙂 wonder if I can hit 53kg by next week? 🙂



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