Busy busy day

It was supposed to be a normal workday for me today. Hubby was having tummy discomfort so he stayed home so I went to work myself this morning.

Nearing noon, hubby asked me to take the afternoon off so I could drive him to see the doctor coz he was visiting the loo every other hour. So at 1pm, I left the office and took the train back home.

And so this was what happened:

1-140pm – train ride to Bishan
140-145pm – cab ride back home
145-2pm – drove to doc
2-245pm – see doc
245-3pm – drove home, hubby took med and went room sleep
3-4pm – took care of Am
4-545pm – Am went nap, I went nap too. Boy it was a good nap! I KO-ed.
6-635pm – took bus to Thomson Plaza buy dinner for family, and took bus back home @ super fast speed
640-7pm – waited downstairs for the school bus that came freaking late
7-715pm – showered Al
715pm-745pm – took care of Am while Al and mum had dinner
8-815pm – super quick dinner
815-845pm – bus ride to Junction 8
9-930pm – went NTUC buy Greek yogurt, eggs & raw salmon while Al had her piano lesson
930-10pm – bus ride home
10-1015pm – tested Al on tomorrow’s spelling
1015-1045pm – made milk for Al, accompanied Al till she slept.

Did u actually read it all?

Man I feel tired typing everything out haha! It was indeed a busy day for me today!

And now, at 11pm, I have not yet showered. I’m in the room with Am (who’s asleep) coz my mum need to shower and prepare the dirty clothes for washing tomorrow. I’m really glad for the nap this afternoon!!

Life is busy yes, but it’s getting better, in a sense that I think I’ve more or less recovered totally from the overwhelming pregnancy and childbirth period, my emotions are sort of settled down and I feel more able to cope and manage my family.

Just now at the piano school, I wondered if I should try to learn piano (seems fun) but I thought to myself – why spend time to learn when I can spend the time in more meaningful tasks such as spending time with my girls, or just spend the time praying or reading the Bible?

Sigh. I can jus go on and on about life. Shall talk more next time!!


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