Cafe Brio’s at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (Food Review)

Bringing a baby out for dinner can be quite challenging.

Especially when this baby doesn’t like to sit still, and the adults have to take turns to carry her around.

My baby Am is one such baby who doesn’t like to sit still unless she being fed with snacks, Or when she is occupied with a toy which she usually gets bored of really quickly. She will also sometimes look at people walking around in the restaurant, and points at them like they are some criminal. Then after a while, she starts squirming in her seat and makes noises indicating that it’s time to carry her.

And let me tell you from the start – Cafe Brio’s is a restaurant that’s super suitable for families with young children! I’ll tell you along the way.

So we went to Cafe Brio’s last Sunday to celebrate my mum’s birthday. We were there slightly before 6pm and were promptly seated, being the first group to arrive for dinner.

As the food was still being set up, I carried Am and walked around the food sections.

This was obviously the “hot favourite” section. Check out the CRAB CLAWS right there luring you! The shells have been partially cracked for easy entry hahaha. Very nice of the chefs I would say. But of course at every table, there’s a crab opener (I know this is not the right term but you know what I’m talking about right) and a bowl of lemon water for you. Very very thoughtful!

Cold food section. The selection and variety of food was excellent!

This was another hot favourite plate – roast meats!

A separate section with JUST OYSTERS. I had just 2. Sad. Told you my appetite has decreased after i embarked on Paleo.

Sushi section – isn’t it a lovely sight! Right next to this was the chef dishing out fresh sashimi with a big smile! Didn’t take a pic though – the chef looks shy haha.

Bread section which I didn’t touch coz Paleo disallows all grains!

Ahh this was the alfresco section where the chef does the teppanyaki dishes and noodles for you upon order. There’s also a whole array of BBQ meats & vegetables!! This section is open on weekend buffets if I’m not wrong. Really very extensive.

There were also lots of hot food in the main area but I didn’t manage to take pics coz i was carrying Am. But it’s a lot of food.. I didn’t even eat half of the variety!

My first plate of food – this one cannot miss la. Just sink your teeth into the crab claw flesh, and pull the entire chunk out.


I let my mum eat first, and I walked around the restaurant with Am. One good thing about this restaurant – I could carry Am, walk her to many different areas around the restaurant and she is so fascinated with all the different things! River, lights, boats, fountain at the BBQ section!

I will definitely choose to sit at the alfresco if I didn’t bring kids. So serene and quiet.

Lovely high chairs if you prefer.

And so hubby, my mum and I took turns to walk Am around. She was also fascinated with the main food areas filled with interesting lights and the CNY decor 🙂

This pic was taken from our table. The interior of the restaurant is very spacious and comfortable. The staff even arranged a separate chair for us to put the cumbersome diaper bag! There’s even space for a stroller too (but we didn’t bring).

Besides that, the toilet was also v near. Al went to the toilet TWICE to do big business & it was very convenient. Yes after both times she went back to the restaurant to eat some more again coz there was so much variety and she really had a fun time eating whatever she liked hahaa.

The manager (didn’t catch his name) came by and asked how was everything etc. Very nice of him. Oh and I also found out from him that there is an exclusive section of the restaurant that can be booked for private sessions. You still eat the buffet like everyone else but you book the exclusive seating area which can sit about 50 pax. I think that’s a very good idea for ROM lunches or baby showers!

Another sweet gesture from the restaurant – they knew we were celebrating my mum’s birthday and they presented my mum with this lovely chocolate cake! Al took the pleasure of singing a birthday song (loudly) and we had a bit of the cake and gave the rest to the restaurant staff coz we were soooooo full.

Thanks to Cafe Brio’s, we had a very comfortable dinner there. Staff and even chefs were all very smiley and ready to assist, which is so very important in the f&b industry. The hostess was also very professional and patient towards our queries. Good job!

Am’s 1st birthday is around the corner next month, we aren’t sure if we are celebrating yet. If we are, we will definitely go to one of the restaurants under the Millenium Hotel Group since we are members 🙂 will update soon!


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