Daidomon Shabu Shabu Steamboat Buffet at Keypoint (also known as Tenkaichi Restaurant?) (Food Review)

I actually forgot all about blogging this lunch!

It was on a quiet weekday. Hubby and I both took the afternoon off coz we had something to do (forgot what it was lol) and we took the chance to try this buffet. Have always been wanting to try it cos we pass by this restaurant every Sunday after church!

There were different sections in the restaurant.. BBQ section, shabu shabu section. Hubby and I wanted to try the Shabu Shabu buffet so we were seated in that section, and we were the only ones lol. Seems like the BBQ section was more popular.

The condiments corner. Love the variety!

This was also part of the deal. Everything looked fresh and clean. Think we were the first customers for the day.. haha.

We had to pay a minimal amount to enjoy free flow drinks and ice cream. The ice cream flavours were so cool can – yam, sesame, green tea, tiramisu etc!

Close up of the raw food corner. There were fresh prawns, clams, squid, lotus roots and plenty others to accompany our shabu shabu steamboat buffet.

You could choose any soup base (add $2 I think for choosing 2 soup based) and free flow of meats from the selection!

If you see the menu, the name of the restaurant is Daidomon. But when I google Daidomon, I get to this website http://daidomon.sg and then get re-routed to this http://www.tenkaichi.com.sg/.. so whats the name of the restaurant exactly?? Are there two names for this restaurant?

I cannot find it on hungrygowhere too.. =_=

This was part of the cooked food section, there was fried rice, kimchi, potato salad, chawanmushi etc.

Start cooking Loh! The raw food really very fresh!!!!

Here comes the meats arranged very neatly in trays. We ordered one portion of everything just to try first.

We ordered the kimchi soup base and pork rib soup base. We actually asked the staff if the kimchi soup base was spicy and he vigorously nodded his head. But turned out it was not spicy at all leh.. Hubby and I suspect he’s probably not a local and hence not attuned to spicy food haha.

I had 2 mini cups of their chawanmushi – very nice! Hubby found it a bit salty though..

I also had some of their kimchi and seaweed salad.

I realise that I’m no longer good at eating buffets coz my appetite has grown smaller after being on the paleo diet.. good or bad leh?

Tried the sesame sauce and the garlic chilli sauce… Sesame sauce was bleah in my opinion.. But the chilli sauce was good!

And I added leek and TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! Non stop leek after that haha!

Beautiful colours!! I also fell in love with the mushrooms. Big and juicy.

Our favourite meat was the pork. We felt that the beef was too small and not very flavorful.

It’s really a very good deal if u eat a lot of meat. Just relax, eat slowly, chat, go toilet let out a bit, come back and eat some more!!

Yam and black sesame ice cream were my favourites 🙂

Tried chocolate and mint too – not bad la.

Overall it was a super value for money steamboat buffet. Ingredients were fresh and there was variety. Service was prompt and smiley too.

Next up, review on Cafe Brio’s 🙂


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