Paleo lifestyle

I’ve actually come to a point where I don’t find Paleo such an exciting new concept anymore.

I mean it in a really good way.

It’s because the Paleo lifestyle has integrated into my life so perfectly that I do not see it as a separate diet. I see it as my life.

I just posted this on my Facebook page coz I am seriously amazed at the results this new lifestyle has brought me. I still eat freely on occasions eg birthdays, anniversaries etc but it has been pretty effortless losing the weight I gained.

Like today, I had a few pieces of cake/ fruit crumble/ tarts during the dinner buffet at Cafe Brio’s. I’m getting right back to Paleo tomorrow and shall stay that way the whole week.

Don’t ever feel down after a binge, cos there’s always tomorrow! I realise that my special occasions are really quite frequent.. My next BIG BINGE will last THREE DAYS cos I’ll be going for a holiday with hubby next next week!

That gives me even more motivation and reason to be a good cave girl from tomorrow onwards!! 🙂


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