Time to Pack

Yup, it’s confirmed, I am moving on!

Thankfully over these 2 years 10 months in this company, I did not really accumulate much junk. Shall bring them back bit by bit 🙂

What will I miss?

  1. Free flow tissue boxes
  2. Extensive pantry filled with biscuits, coffee, hot boiling water, tea sachets etc
  3. Free vending machine aka free drinks
  4. Huge refrigerator for my yogurt and raw fish
  5. Big workstation where I can put a steamer to cook my own food

It has been such a privilege to work for such an awesomely huge and reputable law firm! Of course there are good and bad times, of course there are pricks and annoying people in the company (like every other company), but I am very thankful still, for the opportunity given and the experience gained.

Moving on, I will be doing something familiar, but vastly different from what I am doing now. Much more variety, much more interaction (YAY) and much more moving around (EXERCISE!). Looking forward 🙂


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