Eaten too much un-Paleo stuff!!

I’ve eaten too much. Too much of everything!

And I haven even touched any CNY goodies yet.

Just the main meals alone (aka steamboat), it’s enough to kill. Today alone, I had steamboat for lunch and dinner (I think it’s more supper given the time I eat).

And what’s worse, I’ve eaten a lot of flour items too 😦 dumplings, meatballs that contain starch, beer, liquor, hotdogs etc. Argh. I’m so dead.

I shall live on Greek yogurt from tomorrow onwards. Monday to Friday. And drink a lot of water and oolong tea to detox and purge (hopefully).

I’m feeling so sleepy and fat right now that I feel like jus crashing without going to bathe. It’s 1210am now oh no…..


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