Chinese New Year Day 2

It’s really hard to have a relaxing Chinese New Year when you have young children.

I remember the times before I had any kids – we spent our CNY gambling, eating, chatting all night long without any concern or regard for anything else.

Now, I’ve gotta wait another 7 years before Am gets independent enough for me to just leave her alone to her own devices.

I am already leaving Al to her own devices this year hahaha. Anyway I’ve got my hands full with Am – hardly any time to fuss over Al. Guess It’ll get better year after year. I realise that I’m more flexible with Am now. I was very strict with Al’s eating/ sleeping routine when she was small – but for Am now, I tend to not think too much. Which is good I guess..

Anyway.. Day 2 had been equally busy for me! But I managed to spend a minute to take a selfie.

This was my outfit for the evening. Was wearing a dress earlier in the day when visiting but no time to take pic leh. Visitations are always so rushed.. Wonder how my friends on Facebook manage to take whole family pics?!

The steamboat feast at my place last night. I definitely bought too much food!

No space on the table – gotta stack the food upwards =_= anyway, i ate a lot!! And ate very late!

Drank a can of this Taiwan beer called Sweet Touch. Very nice! I hate to drink beer but this flavored beer is really nice! Haha.

Managed to catch up with my uncles, aunties and cousins as much as I could – really tough coz Am was literally after me the whole night. Can’t wait for the day where I can jus relax, eat and chill with family members.

Maybe I should get a maid…?

Day 3 today – hubby’s out visiting and later his party will be coming over for MJ. I’ve just showered and feeling fresh!

Think my eyeliner a bit wayang (dramatic) today. Who cares! It’s CNY!


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