Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 3 (daytime) – 21 Feb 2014

We woke up slightly later that day, but still early, about 7? Haha. It was another fantastic sleep! I should have checked out the brand of the mattress they were using!

Quite a Paleo breakfast πŸ™‚ I ate many of their super sweet pomelo!

I posted this pic on Facebook and Belle said I looked so radiant haha. It’s the filter lah hahaha.

After breakfast we went back to our villa and took a dip in the pool.. Packed our stuff slowly, leisurely.. And waited for the buggy to fetch us to the spa area where we were supposed to meet our personal driver Sak.

And Sak brought us to Phong Phang Restaurant for our seafood lunch.

We chose a lobster, a crab and ordered tom yum soup and deep fried prawns with tamarind sauce. The lady who served us knew Mandarin so it helped a lot.

And they got free wifi!

It was literally by the sea. Very breezy despite the sunny weather.

Although it wasn’t much of a view.. Water not very clear also.

The restaurant is located in a small road, gotta drive in. It is simply furnished. Apparently this place isn’t very good (I just read tripadvisor)…

But when we were there, we didn’t know.. Sak recommended and we jus said okay lor.

Shiyun commented that he looked younger in this photo. A holiday that does wonders eh. Haha.

My coconut drink that was slightly sour. I asked another waitress if I could change, she said no. Prob because she couldn’t understand me well. The lady who served us earlier came round and asked us how’s the food – I told her about the coconut drink and she got me another one immediately. πŸ™‚ nice!

Tom yum soup – not bad! But I prefer the one at Bypass πŸ˜‰

Our small black pepper crab – it was delicious! I find it even more tasty than our Singapore black pepper crab coz the gravy has pieces of garlic that made the gravy sooooo yummy. And it being a small crab, the shell was thin and easy to crack open πŸ™‚ superb dish.

Our lobster cooked in butter. Not much butter though. Flesh was firm and good! πŸ™‚

This was another winner – deep fried prawns in tamarind sauce – crispy, crunchy, and the sauce complimented super well with the prawns! But it attracted a lot of houseflies bleah. And it gave me a pimple too haha.

The meal cost about sgd$100? We were ok with it.. Coz got lobster. But after reading the tripadvisor reviews, now I think we could have gotten a better deal somewhere else haha. Oh well!

I fell asleep on the way to the airport haha, and we bid Sak farewell. I shook his hand and praised him for his great service!!

Here’s his name card, should u need a personal driver when visiting Phuket!

He will recommend u places to go, but he won’t push u. Easy going and very polite chap! His car is very comfortable too πŸ™‚

So this marks the end of my Phuket trip posts. My next trip is possibly end of this year – bring the family to Gold Coast. Between now and then, I’ll be embarking on my new career! Maybe (just maybe!) can squeeze in another villa stay after my probation hehe!


Farewell Lunch at Bibigo (Marina Bay Financial Centre) (Food Review)


But it was a great lunch with 2 giggly ladies lol.

U must be wondering, what can I eat at Bibigo while on Paleo?! Actually, strictly speaking, NOTHING. Coz you really have no idea what they put in the broth!

So I chose the safest (hopefully) option..


Spicy Chicken Soup without the bowl of rice that comes with it. This dish is filled with shredded chicken, mushrooms, bracken and leeks – very PALEO.

Just that I am quite sure there is soy content in the soup, but eating out in Singapore – it’s nearly impossible to go strictly Paleo! And this being a farewell lunch with 2 of my colleagues, it’s considered a special occasion.

Just that I’ve been having MANY special occasions the past week, this week, and next week also. =_=


It came with 3 side dishes – kimchi, thinly sliced beancurd and pickled radish. I did not touch the beancurd at all, which is also made of soy!

The spicy chicken soup was delish though – fulfilled every single bit of my craving for spicy food. Such comfort food is perfect while chatting away with friends ^_^

And being a farewell, how can we don’t take pics right!


I know this filter made everything look pink, but i love the dreamy effect la πŸ˜› That’s Hui Mee on the left and Jolie on the right, looking all chummy and in love xD


Jolie and me! I am glad that I am starting to look slim!


I really haven posed this way for a long time.. oh man. lol.


a 2nd take – i decided to look a bit more serious, and Jolie – what kind of hand sign is that? ahaha.

How I wish we could just go for a cup of coffee and maybe a cake (!!) after lunch. Sigh.


On a side note, I think i really ought to do some brisk walking/ sprinting soon..

Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Singapore (Food Review)

And my farewell lunch cum Yanxi‘s welcome lunch is gonna happen at Seasonal Tastes, the spanking new restaurant found at Asia Square! I’m so looking forward to it!

Ladyironchef had just posted a review on this restaurant just two days ago and seems like it’s pretty good.. Man I’ve been eating so much. This Saturday going Tien Court. Next Friday going Seasonal Tastes..

But I think I’m gonna lose some weight when I start on new job – with all the running of errands for my boss – there’ll be much more movement everyday.

Tomorrow I shall eat just yogurt for breakfast and lunch!

5am and awake

I’m now sitting on my mum’s bed looking at Am who’s sleeping away sweetly, with her pacifier halfway dropped out of her mouth. Just managed to trim her nails heehee. Much easier when she’s asleep!

I’m actually supposed to be sleeping now, but I slept early last night at about 11, so I’m feeling quite chirpy now lol.

I’m currently serving notice with my company, left with 2 plus weeks before my last day on 12 March. It’s funny how things can happen for the first time ever when there’s an impending farewell.. Like, my colleagues and I are going for ktv for the first time next Thursday, I’m going for a nice department lunch next Friday and we are going to take a group pic for the first time in history ever.

Partly because my old buddy Yanxi at work has resumed work in my department, it’s like a big reunion! Haha.

Met Juliana yesterday at Raffles Place during lunch coz she wanted to pass me some Tokyo bananas that she got from japan. She walked past me and didn’t realise it was me coz I had lost a lot of weight. And she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me. This was her whatsapp message after lunch:

Guess losing about 10kg does make quite a significant difference !!

I ended up buying 2 dresses while shopping with Juliana.. 1 white dress from MDS for just $12.90 and 1 green work dress for $18 at some shop at Arcade! Great deals – can try some more!!

And not forgetting, earlier that day, I made an online purchase of another dress from Dressabelle – also $18. 3 dresses in a day…

This was the Dressabelle dress I got. Nice leh!!

I bought size M cos I want my waist area to be more comfortable. Size S waist looks a bit small for me.. I could only guess! Will update u guys when I get the dress πŸ™‚

Selfie which I took on Monday. Praying hard that I’ll lose more weight soon. Haha. My new target is to hit 49kg?… Sounds impossible, but let’s see how my Paleo lifestyle can lead me to that πŸ™‚ I’m not gonna skip meals or eat lesser or go hungry coz Paleo diet will help me lose weight naturally while eating normally! It’s just the kind of foods I eat that matters.

Love paleo πŸ™‚

Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 2 (evening time) – 20 Feb 2014

Phuket Indy Market was the night market we visited that night. This market is open every Thursday and Friday, while the main Weekend market (at another area) is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

It was filled with Thai students and a handful of tourists. Glad that it felt very local πŸ™‚ I was all ready to attack the food!

As it was nearly 7pm, there were throngs of people queueing up for the food already!

The food was super cheap, ranging from 20 bhat to 40 bhat. That’s between sgd1-2 dollars!!

We tried this handmade hotdog. Yum.

They got tako pachi too!

U know how tako pachi has tasted worse and worse in SG?

SG ones are filled with starch and very little ingredients.

Phuket version of tako pachi. Super gorgeous presentation from a street food stall. Not stingy with the sauce at all and they even give you tissue paper!

They tasted great with the generous servings of the mayo and dunno what sauce. Dribbly soft goodness.

Homemade minced pork balls – hubby didn’t like it coz there were veg inside but I totally loved it haha.

These were cute little pies with shredded coconut! Delicious and not too overwhelming coz they were tiny πŸ™‚

Quail eggs which we didn’t try.. Coz we know how quail eggs taste like… Besides we wanted to eat other stuff πŸ™‚

Back to the small coconut pies. The way they made it was such a joy to watch. Both uncle and auntie making these worked in perfect harmony!

I’ve got no idea what’s this. They looked too sweet and artificial to seduce us.

This had a long queue. We bought this crispy chicken with sticky rice from them. Nice! But we didn’t eat much of the sticky rice… Aka glutinous rice – later indigestion.

I bought this spicy chicken salad from this auntie and brought it back to the villa to eat. I tell u, it’s nice but super spicy! I couldn’t go on after half a packet, despite drowning myself in cold beer to try to get rid of the spicy-ness!

Ya I bought only 2 tops from the market (costing sgd$2 each) and we spent the rest of the time queueing for food and devouring them one by one hahaha… Cheap and good!

Phuket – Villa Zolitude Day 2 (daytime) – 20 Feb 2014

We woke up bright and fresh at 6am! In fact i woke up even earlier but went back to sleep some more.. Old Liao – can’t sleep too much!

So we washed up and proceeded to the restaurant for our buffet breakfast, included in the stay.

Interior of the restaurant.

Selection is not bad!

Salad counter, presented very nicely.

There’s also an open kitchen that does your eggs πŸ™‚

The ambience is perfect for a leisurely breakfast πŸ™‚

I ate so many pomelo slices – soooo sweet!

There were also other guests having their breakfast too. Most of them are couples. I saw only 1 couple with an infant. Looks like it’s more a honeymoon place πŸ™‚

this trip – I felt truly relaxed.

And after breakfast, we were all ready for our day tour to the neighboring islands πŸ™‚

After the transfer to the beach, we got onto a speedboat where it would take us around.. Phi phi island.. Maya beach.. Khai island etc. Our group consists of all kinds of tourists – there was even a group of Korean tourists with their tour guide!

After a super choppy and rough 1 hour plus ride, we finally reached the phi ooh island where The Beach was filmed.. Aiyo it was filled with tourists!!

No space even for the boats to park.

Not much space for people to frolick in the water coz there were too many boats at the shore.

Love the waters.

And this beach has the finest sand ever! It feels like I’m walking on flour!

Taken while on the speedboat.



Hubby and I also had our first try at snorkeling. Didn’t take pics of that coz we were either busy changing or busy snorkeling! It was an eye opener, although I was super scared.. I’m not a good swimmer and I’ve never swam in deep seawater before.. So I took a few minutes to get my hand off the boat handle lol. I drank quite a bit of seawater too coz I couldn’t get used to breathing through that pipe!

But it was worth a try – seeing those corals and fishes while you are in the sea is indeed very different from seeing them on tv πŸ˜‰


Nice shot eh? Heeheehee.


We also went to the monkey place but there were no monkeys in sight. So we headed off for lunch.

Massive lunch area catering to all tourists!

I was wearing contacts the whole day, thankfully it was not too dry! My eyes siao siao one.

Healthy lunch, coz I was wearing bikini, so didn’t wanna be seen with a food tummy haha.

Our last stop – khai island. The sand is so crappy stony and rough!

Even when we were under the umbrellas, it was still damn hot can.


Hubby going into the waters

See the sand? Very rough!

And zero clouds in the sky. I was hiding from the sun as much as I could!

Trouble free faces haha.

We got back to our speedboat early to hide from the sun Haha. Took this pic at the front side of our boat πŸ™‚

The day tour started at 9plus and ended at 5pm. Seriously, time passed by so fast. The speedboat rides were quite choppy at first but the tour guide explained that it was low tide in the morning hence it was quite rough. They got better in the afternoon.

If I go Phuket again, I won’t do this a second time. Once is good! I can always snorkel somewhere else.

And after our day tour, we headed back to the hotel, freshened up a bit and it was time to visit the night market! That will be next post πŸ™‚