Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

It was the best one I’ve ever had.

Cos we had spicy mala steamboat & it tasted exactly the same as the ones in steamboat restaurants 🙂

I bought the instant packet from Shine Korea supermarket (brand is Dan Dan) located at Keypoint and just dumped it into the boiling stock.

Walah. Looks damn good ya? It wasn’t very spicy and it was so fragrant!! Nice man! I didn’t even need my chilli dip so much.

As usual, it was a sumptuous spread 🙂

And of course before we started our dinner, we had our usual louhei!

It’s always a fun thing to do 🙂

To a prosperous and colourful 2014!

We got home at about 1015pm, both Al and Am probably were walking in their dreams already lol. Actually me too, but the night was still young for me. I had to set up the CNY goodies corner!

Our goodies filled up the entire 3-seater sofa. Siao right..

So I unpacked the nuts and poured them into Tupperware containers.. Cut up the BBQ pork bak kwa and put them into containers as well… And I was finally done at 1?

There! Looks nice eh 🙂


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