Senseless murders in Faroe Islands Denmark

I am sure you have seen this on Facebook.

You see people watching other people killing some big fishes on the shore. This fish is called the Calderon dolphin. Friendly creatures that swim up to shore with no intention to harm.

And they got killed by men who just wanna prove they got balls.

(wanna prove you got balls – just strip naked lor)

I am really not very sure if this article is really accurate or if it’s telling the truth, coz it’s just too unbelieveably wrong and senseless – i simply cannot believe that there are still such uneducated and brainless people around in this world! Pics don’t tell lies though. I see people killing them. I see spectators watching on, seemingly in the name of fun, like it’s a good live show.

I tell myself – fishermen who fish for a living also kill fish mah, farmers who rear cows also kill them mah – for a so-called valid reason – for food. It’s all part of the life cycle. However on the other extreme side, there are people who do not eat animals simply because they think it’s cruel. I personally stopped eating sharks fin some years ago after I realised how sharks are hunted for their fins. But sometimes I feel like a hyprocrite – coz I am still eating all other kinds of meat and they are all animals too.

Getting back to the main topic, this issue ought to be brought up, escalated, publicized! I know my minute presence, this one post will probably not amount to much.. *helpless*


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