Chinese New Year Eve – before dinner

I had barely a few hours of sleep and off I went to work for half a day in the office. People in my office started leaving at 12 plus but my buddy and I couldn’t leave until 1pm coz we had to standby until 1pm. It was so annoying lor, we were actually busy leh! CNY Eve Liao still busy!

Then at 1250pm, a search request came in and annoyed the heck out of me. At 1258pm, I clicked the Send button and told my buddy “I’m going, bye.” Sibei buay tahan!

Anyway next year onwards, I’ll take leave at least 3 days before to help my mum with food preparation and last minute shopping.

And the day had only just begun.

Hubby picked me up from work and we took one whole hour to get to Thomson Plaza. All because of a stupid blue car that broke down inside Kg Java tunnel. Seriously, no money to maintain car, don’t drive k.

I feel like a cao auntie ranting away already. Bad start to CNY 2014 haha.

The good thing that came out of it was that we managed to get most of the food for our steamboat dinner on Day 2 – phew. Load off my mind!

Now my freezer is full house!


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