Eve of Chinese New Year Eve!

I worked only afternoon today and after work, I rushed back home so my mum could make her ngor hiong.


Today’s weather was quite warm so I wore lesser lol.. Looking quite slim in the pic.. But after today’s shabu shabu buffet, I’m getting worried.

Tomorrow night also eat steamboat dinner. Argh. I shall eat much lesser on Day 1.. Day 2 also eating quite a lot cos my relatives are coming over my place for dinner – another steamboat dinner!!

And so yes, my mum needed to make ngor hiong.

I have no idea what are the proportions. I just helped her chop non stop! Chop prawns into mince, chop garlic and onions into mince, chop water chestnuts into tiny bits.

And then, I mixed it all up! The smell was heavenly!

Then my mum did the wrapping. You gotta put in the correct portion so that it will taste PERFECT.

And so I was staring at her do it lor.

My hands are aching from all the chopping. But I love doing such things!! Haha.

I got to work half day tomorrow morning, then going NTUC with hubby to get steamboat stuff for Day 2 dinner with my relatives at my place.. It’s gonna be mad crowded.. Argh.

Talking about mad crowded at NTUC – I was there last night at 10pm (they close at 11pm due to festive season) to get groceries to last over the long weekend. When I reached there, I realized there were no trolleys.

I asked a staff there and she said “oh all the guys went home and the trolleys are all in the carpark”.

What the?! Then open until 11 for what?!

LL lor, I went to the carpark to get a trolley.. I was thinking in my mind “fine, u make me waste my time and energy going to the carpark to get the trolley right? U r going to stay beyond 11pm tonight to key in my purchases!!!!”

(But when I finished getting the stuff, it was about 1045pm and i was so exhausted that I just forgot all about making them stay beyond 11pm)

The plentiful trolleys at the carpark.

My trolley full of stuff!!

I think it’s gonna be bad tomorrow at NTUC. Hmm perhaps I should view it positively and just enjoy the jostling! Lol.


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