Wedding Anniversary 2014 (TWG, Ice Art 2013, The Piano Bar, Pontini, Tiffany and Co)


Hubby and I took the afternoon off to celebrate our special day.

10 years ago on 21 Jan, we got together.

8 years ago on 21 Jan, we tied the knot.

And on this special day, I decided to wear the same outfit that I wore when we first met at a BBQ.

This halter neck top can tahan 10 years!! *salute* the black pants is not the same one ten years ago though haha. This pair is from Uniqlo!

After work at 1pm, I took a train from Downtown to Bayfront.

My first ride on the Downtown Line! Yup I was wearing boots which I bought from Melbourne, coz after lunch we are going to ice art exhibition 🙂

The cheery colours inside the train.

And a selfie to commemorate my virgin ride lolol!

Very convenient leh, the train – got me right to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes basement. And I met hubby at TWG for lunch!

It wasn’t crowded at all as it was nearly past lunchtime. The crockery are all sooooo pweeeety!!

Their set menu which we didn’t order from.. Cos we both don’t like quail..

Hubby ordered a wagyu burger while I ordered scrambled eggs (the most Paleo dish I could find on the menu!).

Decided to snap away while waiting for the food.

Hubby’s hair getting long.

It’s my first time to TWG – and I must say the ambience is really perfect for a lazy afternoon – air con yet there’s natural light streaming in from MBS’s translucent ceiling!

We ordered a pot of vanilla tea too – the sweet vanilla aroma was so soothing and calming!

I don’t like to drink English tea but I love the aromas. Heng ah.. If not I dunno how much I’ll spend on TWG vanilla tea leaves..

Here’s hubby’s Wagyu burger! Looks very yummy!

Hubby had no complaints, and agreed that the food here is better and more value for money than Grub (Bishan Park). Sorry ah, we both have not eaten at many brunch places – so can’t really compare with the few hundred other brunch restaurants in SG Lol.

My scrambled eggs looking very Paleo – made me very pleased haha.

Their scrambled eggs has got truffle in it!! Omt it was so good! I’m a truffle maniac – give me anything with truffle!

Beautiful orchids they got. It was a lovely lunch 🙂

We walked over to Sheares Link after lunch, where the ice art exhibition was.

The ice bar was the first thing we saw. It was situated at the side of the building.

The exhibition was inside a big warehouse type building, which you will barely notice cos it’s beside the beautiful MBS hotel and opposite the MBS Shoppes..

Even the main entrance looked a bit dismal..?

After collecting our tickets and complimentary pair of gloves, we proceeded to get our rented down jackets.

All ready to enter the giant freezer! I wore my thermal long sleeved top underneath the down jacket while hubby wore his brown fleece jacket.

The exhibition hall was TINY! It should be called a mini-exhibition!! That time when we were in Korea during winter, we also went to see an ice sculpture showroom after our kimchi making session – and it was larger than this =_= Just that the ceiling here was much higher.

So we tried to stay in there longer by taking pictures lor. If not we would be out in 5 minutes!

It was a different kind of cold compared to the winter in Korea we experienced – kinda fake. There was a plastic smell inside the hall and the engine sound of the freezer was just… droning right into our ears.

I looked so bui!

There was this bumper slide ride which was similar to the one we had in Korea’s Everland – just that this one was …. 5 times shorter.

I miss Korea already!

On each side was a slide made of ice. Imagine how slippery it is!

And both hubby and I had a try at it lol.

It was impossible to stop yourself on the slide.. Just gotta go with the flow haha.

The assistant at the top of the slide saw me hesitating and he joyfully gave me a big push =_= and I screamed all the way down. Lol. But it was fun!

These was supposedly the Egyptian sculptures but after the filter to lighten the picture so I can be seen, the Egyptians couldn’t be seen 0.0

This was quite impressive.. A long wall with pretty carvings! Hubby thought it was orange ice cream.

Dinosaurs! By now my fingers were quite frozen Liao.


This was nice too. This exhibition actually had a lot of nice sculptures but the space was very cramped and hence the whole exhibition wasn’t so perfect. It will be better if we had more space to walk around in.

The gloves were useless. My fingers were frozen.

We got out of the exhibition within 15minutes and went to the ice bar for some beer.

The beer was 1-for-1! We ordered 2 ice mugs of beer 🙂

Their beer on tap was some korean brand – I think it tastes okay.. Not a beer expert.

And we entered the freezing ice bar.

Hubby making himself comfortable.

And our beers were served in these huge thick mugs. We were like – how to drink man!

We ended up having to hold up the mug with both our hands and looking real silly.

But everyone else in the bar ordered the same thing and looked silly too.. Haha.

See how thick the mug was.

Simply had to pose with this mug la lol.

We actually stayed in the bar for about 30 minutes – kinda got used to the cold and were just chatting and chilling away while trying to finish the beer haha.

And the last thing to do was… Smash the mug! Hubby had fun smashing both his and mine.

I think we startled a guy sitting there, he literally jumped. Lol.

we walked back to MBS and drove to Grand Copthorne Waterfront to have an early drink before dinner. Yes continue to drink! Gan bei!

We settled down in The Piano Bar. Isn’t it cosy!

Very big sofa! It wasn’t crowded at all given it was about 5pm.

The wine list – we ended up ordering a bottle of champagne!

Fun fact – do you know that only sparkling wine from Champagne (yes it’s the name of a place!) can be called champagne? Sparkling wine made from other places can’t use the word ‘champagne’!

And do you know that you get drunk on champagne faster, because of the high level of gases?

And you use flutes for champagne, not wine glasses!

Very comfortable.

Couple selfie! Can I call it an “us-sie”?

If you can tell, I was a wee bit high in the photo already. Hahahaha.

630pm came rather quickly and we proceeded upstairs to Pontini. The kind staff brought the champagne up for us as we couldn’t finish it. I realised that they hired quite a few PRCs, and all were very polite and service-oriented.

We were the only table when we got there. The restaurant is so.. Elegant!

It was a very comfortable atmosphere – unlike some fine dining places where u feel scrutinized. This is one place where I feel like I can be myself and eat however I like!

Warm bread was served shortly after we were seated. I tried a bit, soft and fluffy. I preferred the thin flat pieces of bread, crispy and very fragrant!

Yup hubby was red. After the champagne.

Cold starter – pharma ham with cantaloupe!

They served two different types of ham. I really must commend the inventor of this dish – the combination of sweet and salty is perfect 🙂

Still water.

Consommé which we found quite bland. This was the only minus point out of the whole dinner!

Nom nom nom!

And we watched the colour of the sky grow dim.

My main course – veal rack which was really tender and portion was huge too! I gave a quarter to hubby.

Hubby’s wagyu tenderloin with foie gras. The foie gras has to be the BEST I’ve ever eaten – literally melted in my mouth!

Having said that, I may wanna stop eating foie gras altogether, coz of the cruel process. I’ve stopped eating sharks fin a couple of years ago. Probably foie gras is next.

The host was really friendly and hospitable – which is really what a host should achieve. Our waiter John Bryan was very good too – he knows the menu very well 🙂 Whatever hubby asks, he could answer! Having come from F&B background, hubby and I were really impressed by the fantastic service at Grand Copthrone Waterfront’s restaurants. We will be going back there again (Cafe Brio’s this time round) for their dinner buffet next month – to celebrate my mum’s birthday!

Took this picture when we left. It was truly a great dinner and was a memorable sweet ending to our anniversary.

And I even got a present from hubby! We got it after our TWG lunch 🙂

My very first Tiffany and Co accessory!

And I’m wearing it today onwards 🙂 the more I see it, the more I think it suits me leh 😉

Yay to hubby 🙂 more happy anniversaries to come!

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