Flu Season in Singapore?

My company doctor had a waiting list of patients. I came down to register at 140pm and was asked to come back 2 hours later.

So many people sick 0.0


I’m basically having a bad case of sneezing and sniffing. No other symptoms yet. Hopefully no other symptoms! I wanna get well ASAP! Mummies cannot fall sick u know!

And so I got my Zyrtec-D, some Danzen equivalent and panadol for medication – yay free! Zyrtec-D very expensive if buy at Watson – $11.60 per box and it’s only 10 pills inside =_= but very effective for me.

Oh have u seen my instagram? My weight as of this morning is 55.1kg, just 100 GRAMS away from my goal of 55 kg!

I will be starting a Facebook page on paleo diet – cos I have experienced it for myself and it works so well for me – all I need to do now is to think of a name for the Facebook page – any suggestions?

Paleo Diet in Singapore

How abt that? this is easy for people to search?

Wendylimwendy’s Paleo Page

More personal?

Another thing – will u support and help my page? πŸ™‚


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