Me then and now – PICS!


Me on 26 September 2013 – I was 62 kg.


Me today – 55.4kg.

I know I wear black today – but i think the difference is still quite visible.

I had quite a sinful lunch yesterday though, haha. Met up with my ex-boss for lunch and we went to a small cafe for some catching up. I had a chicken chop set lunch that came with some creamy soup and garlic bread. I did not touch the garlic bread at all. But i did drink some of the soup and the chicken chop was covered with so much thick gravy that I had to scrape it away lol. Took some fries too =_=

Of course, I am back to Paleo today. Breakfast was my favourite Fage Classic Greek Yogurt. Lunch was a big hard boiled egg and steamed salmon fillet – yum!

I am so glad that Paleo has become a lifestyle and not a diet.


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