Worst fright ever.

10 Months – What I Learned From Dropping My Baby.

This post is truly a God-send because…

On Saturday night, Am slid off the bed while I was sleeping (beside her).

Yes, gasp.

All i knew was that I heard a sound (not a hard knock sound though) which caused me to wake up. Then I realised she wasn’t beside me.

I immediately scrambled off the bed and found her lying on the floor, sucking on her pacifier with eyes half-open. Thankfully there was a thick red cushion right below the bed already and there was also a big pillow on the bed right below her feet as a preventive measure. So both pillows were on the ground when I found her – she was like, in between the cushion and the pillow. Her butt was on the red cushion, her head on the floor.

When she saw me, she gave me a “Oh hi there mom” look –  no crying, no look of discomfort or distress. I immediately scooped her up, massaged her head and body all over to check if she shows any sign of pain. Nothing. I put her back into bed, patted her for a while and she went back to sleep as per normal, like nothing happened. After shifting her to sleep at the other angle (which I think is safer), I went back to sleep too.

Then the seriousity of the whole matter dawned upon me when I woke up in the morning. It was so bad that I cried throughout the praise & worship session during Sunday Service. And now, every time i think about this, my tear duct will automatically turn on and my heart will literally shrink to half its size. It’s horrible. I keep on wondering what the heck happened during those few minutes – how did she get down without knocking herself? how did I manage to sleep through the entire few minutes – didn’t she make any noise?! Could there be any internal injury that arose from this? Were there any other knocks when I was sleeping and I didn’t hear them?!

The suspense is killing me and the worst thing is, it will remain a mystery FOREVER.

Reading the above post has comforted me a lot – I truly believe God intervened that night, extended a helping hand and protected my little one from a bad fall. My mum has checked her thoroughly that morning during bath time and confirmed that she is okay. My mum suspected that the only way she could have done is (which i quite agree) was that she flipped over that night (she is now very fond of flipping over when sleeping) and made her way down the bed on her tummy (she only knows how to move backwards on her tummy now). So if its really the case, the pillow would have landed first, then her legs and butt.

I can only speculate. And give thanks from the bottom of my heart. To me, it is nothing but a miracle.

Of course, this weekend when it’s my turn to baby sit her at night, we are going to sleep on the FLOOR.


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